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    Vidyashree Vidyashree 
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    I want some information of asp .net and mvc course.

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    Viral Mamniya Viral Mamniya 
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    Rank: Rookie is a programming language used for web development.It is used to create Dynamic websites,web application and web services.If you want to learn you should have the knowledge of .net framework supporting languages like C#,VB or C++.Apart from this knowledge of html, css, javascript,ajax are important for client-side programming.

    Where as MVC is Model View Controller is an architectural pattern this is popularly used in designing web applications knowledge of html, css, javascript,ajax are important for client-side programming.Popular programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby, PHP and others have popular MVC frameworks that are currently being used in web application development.

    So in short by taking the course of these you will be able to become a web developer.

    I hope the above information is as you wanted to know.Thank you.

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