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    Hello Rambabu

    Airlines is really an interesting field. Here are the details regarding this career

    There are two major career paths that one may follow as an airline pilot. Pilots who fly short-haul flights may fly the same aircraft several times in one day. Their flying hours are generally fixed and they may wake up and sleep in the same bed on any given day. Other pilots, who fly long-haul flights, normally do not wake up and sleep in the same bed on any given day. They must get used to spending nights in unfamiliar places, and spending long hours in a cockpit of a large commercial airliner. However, most pilots do not get to choose the routes they fly as these are assigned by airlines depending on their skill and experience levels.

    Typical airline pilot duties include making sure the cargo and passengers have been loaded, ensuring the flight instruments are working properly, taxiing the plane to the runway, taking off, maintaining the plane at cruise altitude, making safety and information announcements to passengers, fly the plane to maintain flight level, making an approach to the destination airport, landing, taxiing to the gate, ensuring disembarkation and parking the aircraft. Their job also includes communicating with air traffic controllers, calculating required fuel levels, checking weather conditions and checking aircraft weight.

    In India, airline pilots earn anywhere between Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 800,000 per month, depending on their employers and level of experience. On average, airline pilots in the United States earn $60,000 annually.

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     Rakesh varma 

    Hello Guys

    Myself Ram and I m from Pune. I have a great dream of becoming a pilot right from the childhood. I m ready to do any type of hard work and can face any type of challenges that comes in my way. So I sincerely request you guys to give me some guidelines and other things of which I must be aware of in becoming a pilot. Also kindly mention details like salary.

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     Ankita Srivastav

    Aviation industry brings along a wide range of careers from ground crew to pilot.

    Everybody knows what a pilot does. He/she flies air crafts. If flying has been your dream, commit yourself to fetch a pilot license. There’s no alternate route here. It’s a good thing though. At least you don’t have to break your head to choose the best route. All you need to do is walk the path. If you have passed 12th, you’re all set to start training for a pilot license. Here is some necessary information you need to know before you get started.

    You can either become a private pilot or a licensed commercial pilot to fly commercial/ defence aircraft. Whatever your goals are, attaining a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) is the first and foremost step to get you started as a pilot. Even before beginning training, you need to get a class 2 medical certificate approved by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). With several hours of training and upon passing practical and theory exams (conducted by DGCA), you are all set to claim a PPL. Depending on the training school, PPL training may cost you anywhere between 5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs INR.

    However, if you want to become a commercial pilot, you need to get a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). PPL and class 1 medical certificate are the prerequisites to start training for CPL. Training includes a minimum of 200 hours of flight and theory classes. To get certified as a commercial pilot, you need to clear all the practical and theory exams. If everything goes smoothly without any obstructions, you can complete the course by 18 months. It costs you a fortune to get trained as a commercial pilot. It Costs around 20 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs for a regular CPL course and 90 Lakhs to 1 crore for a cadet program. Upon unfreezing ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence), you’ll get promoted as a captain (Of course, you will have to spend a lot to get to this point.)

    Even as a fresher you can earn at least 60,000 INR per month. As an experienced pilot, you can earn an average salary of 1.5 Lakhs per month.

    Job Roles As A Pilot

    • Captain
    • Senior first officer
    • First officer/co-pilot
    • Test Pilot
    • Second officer
    • Cadet Pilot
    • Helicopter Pilot

    Now that you know about various steps involved, you can now start looking out for Best Aviation & Airport Management on the following link: https://campushunt.in/blog/best-bba-aviation-airport-management-colleges-bangalore/

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