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    A short glance at what appears to be the near future might give us plenty to worry about: political instability and conflict all over the world, post-truth confusion, all of which distract us from the very real and unavoidable crises that will become more and more prominent over the next two generations. The first is climate change, which will require global cooperation and policy shifts to address. The second involves individual choices that will shape our lives even more intimately. How will we deal with the new industrial revolution that will sweep across the world, as automation changes the very nature of work and careers? What will we do when robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) do a lot of the jobs that provide stable careers today? How will humanity in general, and you and I in particular, remain relevant? Change is always difficult to deal with, and the greater the change, the more time we need to adjust to it.

    According to the question given below, you have to decide which of the following statements is/are strong on the basis of the passage given above:

    Should people start cornering themselves from the traditional jobs and start indulging in the new streams like robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

    I.    No, traditional jobs will always hold their relevance as a saying goes, ‘Old is Gold’.
    II.   Yes, due to smart AI, the risk of job irrelevance is faced by senior and middle management and highly educated professionals.
    III.  Yes, time has almost arrived when robots will replace humans in all the acts. 

    Options :-

    1. Only I and II are strong.
    2. Only I and III are strong.
    3. Only I is strong.
    4. Only II is strong.
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