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    A major amendment relating to the introduction of Digital Rights Management (DRM) has gone unnoticed. It is unfortunate that such a huge amendment which can impact the everyday lives of Indians has been introduced without adequate debate and mostly only with industry inputs. 
    DRM is like a software code used to manage the rights of copyright owners when any copyrighted material like books or songs are transmitted digitally. Unlike natural limitations built into the dissemination of hard copies, digital dissemination of copyrighted materials is quicker and easier. Hence, copyright holders use DRM technology as a self-help measure to prevent unauthorized and bulk digital dissemination of copyrighted materials.
    These days, for instance, software comes equipped with inbuilt DRM programmes that tie it to a limited number of users or devices. A user who buys legal software cannot give a copy to a friend — the DRM ties the software to a single device or user. Similarly, DRM technology in modern DVD players — termed as Content Scramble System (CSS) — prevents users from copying the content. Even if a user copies a DVD, the disc will not play in a regular DVD player.
    For countries like India, it is important to create research opportunities to promote competition and innovation in new technology. India is technologically still advancing and DRM measures are simply overenthusiastic efforts that can dangerously choke innovation. Indian economic conditions would further impose a huge burden when and if misuse occurs.

    With reference to above passage consider the following statements –

    1. Due to DRM sharing of software between two people has become very easy.
    2. DRM seeks to remove natural limitations built into dissemination of hard copies of a product like DVD

    Which of the following statements is/are

    Options :-

    1.  Only 1

    2. Only 2

    3. Both 1 and 2

    4. Neither 1 nor 2

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