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    Do you know students who make New Year’s resolutions are more likely to achieve their academic goals than students who don’t bother trying to make any resolution? If you are planning to apply to medical school in near future, creating resolutions will help you stay on the right track and stay yourself up for a successful medical school journey.

    If you haven’t planned effective resolutions for 2019 yet, here are a few resolutions for medical school hopefuls that help you gain admission to your dream university.

    1. Take the MCAT Exam
    An impressive MCAT score is one of the most important medical school admission requirements that applicants have to fulfill. If you are thinking about getting into medical school, consider committing to take the MCAT. Find time to study to better prepare for the test and take practice tests per week to prepare yourself for the actual exam day. Staying on a timeline that perfectly aligns with medical school application cycle is a great idea as it encourages you to study hard to earn stellar scores. Keep in mind, your MCAT score truly depicts your ability to perform well in medical school, so take the test seriously.

    2. Start Getting Clinical Exposure
    If you are thinking to pursue a career in medicine, it is important to get some clinical experience. It will strengthen your medical school application and increase your chances of gain acceptance. It also shows the admissions committees that you have gained some practical experience in the medical field and you know the hard work that is involved. So, start finding clinical opportunities during your undergraduate years and gain as much work experience as possible. It will not only prepare you to deal with the complex clinical situations with confidence, but it will also make you a competitive medical school applicant.

    3. Start Collecting Letters of Recommendation
    Many medical schools want applicants to submit at least two letters of recommendation along with their application. In order to get a strong letter of recommendation, start developing positive relationships with your supervisors, advisors and faculty members. It is a worthwhile idea to asking for letters of recommendation prior to the application cycle and provide your recommenders with all the necessary details and plenty of time to create a strong letter for you.

    4. Create an Impressive Personal Statement
    A personal statement can make or break your medical school application. Therefore, it is critically important to create an impressive personal statement that creates a strong, positive impression on the admissions committees. Spend some quality time to create a personal statement that truly reflects your qualities and the commitment to the field of medicine. Try adding some stories and personal experiences to make your personal essay unique.

    Commit to creating your personal statement by the end of March so that you have sufficient time to make necessary tweaks in the copy. Remember, medical schools want to enroll students who show emotional readiness for medical school. A well-written essay that defines your strengths and qualities can yield a positive first impression on the admission committee. So, do it wisely.

    5. Gain Work Experience
    If you are going to applying to medical school in Summer 2019, make sure you gain ample work experience before submitting your application. Be willing to gain new experiences and opportunities to hone your leadership and problem-solving skills. Gaining relevant experience is critically important before applying to medical school, as it helps you decide whether medicine is the right career for you.
    You can find a volunteer opportunity in a hospital, shadowing a GP, or working as a lab technician, hospital scribe, or an EMT. It will give you a clear perspective on different types of roles in medicine and prepare you to work in the challenging field of medicine. If you didn’t find any opportunity, make your every possible effort to seek different opportunities in healthcare settings.

    6. Take Care of Yourself
    Medical school can be a difficult endeavor. It involves rigorous academic and clinical workload. For many students, managing a lot of course assignments, clinical rotations, and extracurricular activities can make it extremely daunting to control their nerves and manage all the workload efficiently. In order to become a successful medical school student, you have to take very good care of yourself and choose activities that will help you stay calm and happier.

    Finding time for yourself, getting enough sleep, taking a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and following effective learning techniques can help you become a successful medical school student. To put in a nutshell, focus on maintaining your mental and physical health early on in medical school is vital to managing the rigorous academic and clinical demands of medical school.

    Bottom Line
    Making the new year’s resolutions is easy, but what matters most is to stick to your resolutions. The above-mentioned ones are a few resolutions every prospective medical school student should make as they will set you up for a successful medical school application process and increase your chances of gaining admission to a Caribbean medical school university.

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