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    निर्देश : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in the bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

    Those who got human birth in this world should understand and obtain the benefit for the soul which is attainable through this birth, while there is still time. It is to live the unique great life at all times, at all places and in all ways without any sort of hindrance, obtaining the absolute natural bliss of God, who by his power of grace has made all the universes, worlds, things, living beings, ways of living.
    That great life can be obtained only by God’s Grace which can be obtained only by leading a life of compassion towards all living beings- not even a little of it can be obtained by any other means. This is because Grace is God’s mercy, natural manifestation, compassion means living beings’ sympathy or their souls’ natural manifestation. Therefore, it is certain that by sympathy we can get mercy and by manifestation, get manifestation. Grace can be obtained only by being compassionate to other living beings.
    When compassion to living beings manifests, knowledge and love will blossom along with it; therefore, helping power’ manifests; because of that all good benefits will appear, but when compassion to living beings disappears, knowledge and love will disappear immediately, therefore ‘helping power’ will disappear, and when it disappears, all evils will appear. Virtue is nothing but showing compassion to living beings, and vice means to be without compassion to living beings.
    Enlightenment coming out of leading a life of compassion towards living beings is the Enlightenment of God, and the bliss coming out of leading a life of compassion towards living beings is the Divine Bliss. Liberated ones while they are still living are only those who have attained their goal, having seen and enjoyed this manifestation and bliss for a long time and are thus fulfilled, and then only they will know God by knowledge and will become God.
    But, what is meant by leading a life of compassion towards all living beings? It is to live, worshipping God, by the melting of the soul of living beings, towards other living beings. When will the melting of the soul towards other beings occur? It will occur when one sees, hears or comes to know of the suffering of living beings due to hunger, thirst, disease, desire, poverty, fear and the suffering when being killed.
    What is the spiritual need to have compassion towards other living beings? All living beings are created by God as part and parcel of the natural truth and are of the same quality; so they are all brothers with the same right. The melting of the soul that occurs, when one of the brothers sees another suffering or knows that he is going to suffer due to some peril and the former recognises the latter as his brother; it is called the age-old spiritual right.
    Some people, even on seeing other living beings suffer, do not have compassion towards them and are hard-hearted; there is no fraternal right to these people, because: Their eye called spiritual knowledge has become very dim because of nescience, though there was the fraternal right, compassion to living beings did not arise. From this it is learnt that those who have compassion towards other living beings have enlightened spiritual vision or perception.

    Which of the following is the most nearly the SAME in meaning to the word “Nescience” as used in the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Familiarity of
    2. Carelessness
    3. Lack of knowledge
    4. Dumbness
    5. Experienced
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