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    निर्देश : In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

    Dhritrashtra, the elder brother of the Pandu, was blind by birth. When he grew young, he was married to Gandhari. She loved him so ___(1)___ that she ___(2)___ up her own eyes with a cloth. A hundred sons were born to Dhritrashtra and Gandhari. They were called Kauravas. Duryodhana was the ___(3)___ son of Dhritrashtra, who was quite obstinate by nature. When Kunti ___(4)___ to Hastinapur with her five sons, Duryodhana did not ___(5)___ it. He wanted that the Pandavas should live in the forest with their mother, Kunt. In fact he wanted to rule ___(6)___ Hastinapur without any interference in his affairs, although outwardly he made a ___(7)___ of happiness. His mother Gandhari consoled Kunti but her son Duryodhana did not like this at all. Pandavas were so good and ___(8)___ that every one who saw them ___(9)___ them. The people of Hastinapur began to give greater ___(10)___ to the Pandavas than to the Kauravas.

    Choose the appropriate word for blank 1

    Options :-

    1. closely
    2. deeply
    3. keenly
    4. excessively 
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