Learn about Environmental Pollution. This is part 2 lecture of environment and ecology series. In this video we are going to learn about what is environmental pollution and what are the different types of environmental pollution that exists around us.

1. Definition of environment pollution @ 0:12
2. Air pollution @ 1:38
3. Water pollution @ 2:33
4. Soil pollution @ 3:40
5. Noise pollution @ 6:00
6. Radioactive pollution @ 7:09
7. Thermal / Heat pollution @ 8:58
8. E-Waste @ 9:44

Environment and Ecology series for UPSC

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  1. sandesh p 3 years ago

    Your English was awesome

  2. Vijaya G 3 years ago

    Tq so much sir… Grt explanation

  3. vinod kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir…… please continue the course of the entire syllabus.

  4. vinod kumar 3 years ago

    Sir, please complete the syllabus of entire NCERT Geography classes…..

  5. Vardhani Y 3 years ago

    This series r very important for all compitative exams kindly continue sir 👌👌👌👌thank u so much for your efforts

  6. shereena nasser 3 years ago

    thank you sir……

  7. Monisha Das 3 years ago

    You are awesome. Thank you for your guidance :). I can literally feel your passion for knowledge radiating from your voice.

  8. Satish Kumar 3 years ago

    Explain Mantle plume with related to Plate Tectonics, Dead Zones and it's effects, India's role in Arctic ocean.. These are the questions asked in IAS Mains.. And Also Water Harvesting, National Commission for SC and ST, other Social Issues…

  9. Great sir do continue

  10. jadhav maithily 3 years ago

    Iam so happy ….thanks a lot sir

  11. Bhawani Panatu 3 years ago

    Thank you sir😇

  12. Gangappa S S 3 years ago

    sir please make videos on right to freedom of religion

  13. Wani anwar 3 years ago

    Sir how can we get pdfs of these awasome videos ?

  14. Kuldeep Singh 3 years ago

    Thanks sir, ultimate as usual

  15. SK RAHUL 3 years ago

    Dear sir , kindly upload map based lectures……

  16. jhansi rani 3 years ago

    Your teaching way is awesome..

  17. jhansi rani 3 years ago

    Thank you more videos focussing upsc

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