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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. 🙏👍☺️☺️

  3. BABITA RANI 3 years ago

    Good morning sir

  4. gujarat study adda 3 years ago

    Good morning

  5. Kalama Haresh 3 years ago

    good sir

  6. Rishav Rajput 3 years ago

    Is it about jamal khoshoggi??

  7. Rashmi Ranjan Nanda 3 years ago

    Loggerheads- disagreeing , disputing
    Remniscent- reminding , suggesting
    Axiom – established principle, postulate
    Penury – extreme poor condition
    Euphoria – intense excitement , exhilration

  8. MEGHPRIYA SINGH 3 years ago

    Monetary policy committee

  9. vishal vidyuth 3 years ago

    Jamal khashoggi's disappearance and killing👍

  10. Rishav Rajput 3 years ago

    These are members of monetary policy committee established in 2016 recomended by urijit patel comittee in 2014…monetary policy commitee has six member
    From rbi urijit patel(chairman) viral v acharya and miachael d patra
    From govt of india appointee chetan ghate pami dua and raindra dholkia

  11. nayaz pasha 3 years ago

    Monetary policy committee: 6members, including RBI governor Urjit Patel as Ex-Officio chairman, Viral V Acharya-Deputy governor, Michael D Patra-Executive director, other 3 members appointed by Government of India-Chetan Ghate, Ravindra Dholakia, Pami Dua

  12. Tejesh Teja 3 years ago

    Good morning prashanth sir


    ~ Dr. Urjit R. Patel [ governor of reserve bank of india and monetary policy committee]
    ~Dr. Viral V. Acharya
    ~Dr. Chetan Ghate
    ~Dr. Michael Debabrata Patra
    ~Dr. Pami Dua
    ~Dr. Ravindra H. Dholakia

    are the members of the monetary policy committee.until September 2016 the Governor of RBI used to decide the policy implementation in the country.After September 2016 monetary policy committee was set up which has 6 members in that 3 members from RBI including RBI governor,remaining 3 members appointed by government[may or may not be public servant].The meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee are held at least 4 times a year and it publishes its decisions after each such meeting.The purpose of the meeting is to control inflation and unemployment by controlling the flow of the money using monetary tools like cash reserve ratio,statutory liquidity ratio,liquidity adjustment ratio,marginal standing facility.

  13. Chandrakala HS 3 years ago

    Monetary policy committee members…
    Main obj is to use monetary policy tools to target inflation

  14. Juhi Verma[J.V] 3 years ago

    Loggerheads- a strong disagreement
    Reminiscent- similar to something
    Axiom- principle, truism
    Penury-extreme poverty
    Euphoria- intense excitement and happinesses.

  15. Pooja Mishra 3 years ago

    Ans to the research quiz-
    The Monetary policy committee of India. The committee comprises 6 members- three members ( Governor of RBI Urjit R. Patel, Deputy governor Viral V. Acharya, An officer of RBI Michael Patra) are representative of RBI and other 3 members ( shri Chetan Ghate prof. Of ISI, Prof. Pani dua Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Ravindra H. Dholakia prof. Of IIM A) are nominated by Government of India. The committee is responsible for fixing benchmark interest rates(like rapo rate etc.).

  16. Juhi Verma[J.V] 3 years ago

    Monetary policy committee
    Consist of 6 members – – Chairperson, ex officio – Urjit Patel. Deputy Governor of the Bank, in charge of Monetary Policy—Member, ex officio – Viral A Acharya and Dr. Michael debabrata Patra(RBI officer)
    And 3 new members appointed by GOI are-
    Chetan Ghate, Pami Dua, Ravindra H.Dholakia

  17. Juhi Verma[J.V] 3 years ago

    Some salient features of PMJAY (PRADHAN MANTRI JAN AAROGYA YOJNA )are-
    ✴️Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission will have a defined benefit cover of Rs. 5 lakh per family per year.
    ✴️Benefits of the scheme are portable across the country and a beneficiary covered under the scheme will be allowed to take cashless benefits from any public/private empanelled hospitals across the country.
    ✴️Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission will be an entitlement based scheme with entitlement decided on the basis of deprivation criteria in the SECC database.
    ✴️The beneficiaries can avail benefits in both public and empanelled private facilities.

  18. Ashutosh Pattanayak 3 years ago

    Pranam Gurudev
    Vocabulary Questions:-
    1) Loggerheads- strong Disagreement
    2) Reminiscent- tending to remind of something
    3) Axiom- statement or proposition
    4) Penury- extreme poverty
    5) Euphoria- extreme happiness

    Research quiz:-
    The group of six members represents the Monetary Policy Committee(MPC) of India.
    MPC is a six-membered committee of RBI headed by the Governor of Reserve Bank of India( Urjit Patel, incumbent) comprising of two other RBI officials and three officers nominated by GoI, which is responsible for fixing benchmark interest rates in India.
    It was created in 2016 to bring transparency and accountability in fixing India's Monetary Policy. Decisions are taken by voting conferring the the supreme power to the Governor to decide in case of a tie.
    The current mandate of the committee is to maintain 4% annual inflation until March 31, 2021 with an upper tolerance of 6% and a lower tolerance of 2%.
    The committee is accountable to the Government of India if the inflation exceeds the range prescribed for three consecutive months.
    The members of the committee are namely
    1. Urjit Patel, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India – Chairperson
    2. Viral V Acharya, Deputy Governor of the Bank, in charge of Monetary Policy—Member
    3. Michael Patra, an officer of the Reserve Bank of India nominated by the Central Board – Member
    4. Shri Chetan Ghate, Professor, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) – Member
    5. Professor Pami Dua, Director, Delhi School of Economics – Member
    6. Dr. Ravindra H. Dholakia, Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad – Member

    Pradhan Mantri- Jana Aarogya Yojana (PM-JAY):-
    It is the ambitious health protection project of the GoI aiming at universal access to good quality health care services without anyone having to face financial hardship as a consequence.
    It has two major components, such as i) Ayushman Bharat & ii) National Health Protection Mission (NHPM).
    Its salient features are
    1) Conversion of 1.5 lakh Health sub-centres to Health & Wellness Centres;
    2) Insurance of Rs.5 lakh per family, per annum, reaching out to 5 crore people;
    3) Medical and hospitalization expenses for almost all secondary care and most of tertiary care procedures;
    4) 1,350 medical packages covering surgery, medical and day care treatments including medicines, diagnostics and
    5) Cashless & paperless benefit at public hospitals and empanelled private hospitals;
    6) Inclusion of pre and post-hospitalization expenses;
    7) The beneficiary is decided on the basis of family being figured in SECC database.
    If implemented successfully, it will be the world's largest Government-funded health protection scheme.

  19. v y 3 years ago

    Thanq 🙂

  20. GOWTHAMI R 3 years ago


    1) Loggerhead: a animal living in or near water with thick shell covering it's body

    2) Reminiscent: Making you remember a particular person,event or things

    3) Axiom: a Statement or principle generally accepted as true, but need not be so

    4) Penury: the state of being extremely poor

    5) Euphoria: Extreme happiness

    Research Quiz: Those are members of Monetary policy committee.

    The Monetary Policy Committee of India is a committee of the Reserve Bank of India that is responsible for fixing the benchmark interest rate in India. The meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee are held at least 4 times a year and it publishes its decisions after each such meeting.

    The committee comprises six members – three officials of the Reserve Bank of India and three external members nominated by the Government of India. They need to observe a "silent period" seven days before and after the rate decision for "utmost confidentiality". The Governor of Reserve Bank of India is the chairperson ex officio of the committee. Decisions are taken by majority with the Governor having the casting vote in case of a tie.

  21. Chandan Mallick 3 years ago

    Shocking mystery can be related to the abduction and murder of Jamal Khashoggi..which is assumed to have been done by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia- Mohammad Bin Salman

  22. Anas K M 3 years ago

    Unfortunate incident of Jamal Khassoggi.

  23. Ankita Choudhary 3 years ago

    Saudi Arabia Jamal case

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