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  1. Christopher Corsi 3 years ago

    Great voice bro.

  2. impatient potato 3 years ago

    wish i bought more than alts

  3. CRYPTO 420 3 years ago

    Still bullish on WALTON CHAIN?

  4. Philson 3 years ago

    My brain on blockchain eh? I never knew my grey matter suddenly became decentralized. lol jk

  5. edgar navarrete 3 years ago

    YES!!! love your content. peace

  6. Professor Wally 3 years ago

    Fantastic video and content, once again.

  7. legalblond 3 years ago

    There is one thing you haven't done yet, and you can easily do it now that you have done all this work already. Take the predictions from all the different prediction-methods, and weigh the more objective ones a bit higher, and then take the average. Science shows that usually gives you the best prediction.

  8. PersikkaYrjo 3 years ago

    Good work! Thank you!

  9. uTube 3 years ago

    $1 MILLION BITCOIN 2020. $50K LITECOIN 2020.

  10. Craig Tortolani 3 years ago

    Great vid Big Kat!

  11. Drtool23 3 years ago

    This Is Your Brain……. On Block Chain…….

  12. Rajith Jayathunga 3 years ago

    Love the intro music!

  13. Hussein Ibrahim 3 years ago

    Super informative as always. You are that wise man that people go to when they want to learn about Blockchain.

  14. Jon Runyan 3 years ago

    Excellent work. Greatly appreciate

  15. Aleksandar Petkovic 3 years ago

    Main advantage should be decentralisation. But…the problem is actually centralisation. Btc is hardly hardly centralised in several wallets. Btc as a concept is great. But… as a coin…not sure, because coin with such white paper will not be accepted in any exchange today because there is a much more coins with much better white paper. Just my opinion

  16. Lar Dude 3 years ago

    Superb high quality analysis – thank u!

  17. chris andre 3 years ago

    Excellent video! Where is that coastline at the end? Around 13 mins. It looks like Oregon

  18. tonygreene113 3 years ago

    So McAfee will be eating his testicles along with his penile tissue…nice!

  19. Polivacha 3 years ago

    So we learned that the popular market prediction methods don't work for bitcoin but you still recommend holding it for the long term?

  20. Randy Durdy 3 years ago

    Awesome explanation

  21. FREE AIRDROP 3 years ago

    you right thank 's for info

  22. Alex Winkler 3 years ago

    If that bell curve would be right then we've got a massive reversal on our hands in not so many months. Still looking for a real drop to set the hook before a reversal. Either way whenever the reversal does happen it will be super exciting to be part of it. Happy trading everyone!

  23. Filip Blaze 3 years ago

    Haven't watched your vids in a few, just wanted to say great vid and love the background imagery!

  24. Alin Nemet 3 years ago

    why is this idea of 'no crypto-market without bitcoin' so strong? i get it, btc was the first, but why suppress so many other (probably superior) crypto currencies that might work better? the community consensus is crap when it comes to taking the blockchain to the next level – value is whatever the community decides, but when it comes to btc, is like talking about first born rights )) . Also, i still don't get how btc and others would free the world, since a few billionaires could buy most if not all of them, wouldn't that be the same thing as before, just different type of money!?

  25. Marcus1552 Crypto 3 years ago

    10/10 presentation- thank you

  26. James VonRaynor 3 years ago

    So how much will it worth by december ?

  27. Dio G 3 years ago

    Great video. I have little to no doubt that bitcoin will reach a million dollars one day

  28. crypto darthmarc 3 years ago

    thank pall i insist in a ranking of top altcoins, i really love when you do that, thanks to you i knew icon, one of the best proyects out there, and neo, and so many others

  29. Crypto Music 3 years ago


  30. Erick Villa 3 years ago

    i have to watch this a few more time….hmmmm morning, lunch and dinner lol…. on a serious note: thanks! just a bit over my head but thank you for the information

  31. Darryl Strawberry 3 years ago

    Nope! It’s heading to $4k soon by end of October. Crypto is garbage. The annihilation of all crypto by end of year. So much for mooning eh? 😂😂😂

  32. ServantOfNone 3 years ago

    great details, nice work Mav

  33. Bitcoin Pile 3 years ago

    Bitcoin will be $1,000,000 in 2020

  34. BTC Node 3 years ago

    Still buying, still mining. Good content as always.

  35. Eric 3 years ago

    xrp is the future.

  36. JamPearl 3 years ago

    It's rather wonderful that S. Nakamoto (group of people i guess) gave this technology to the world, essentially, for free. Therefore, it will always carry its value.

  37. Nikolas Zietemann 3 years ago

    Great Video, thanks a lot!

  38. Go Crypto 3 years ago

    Great video Mav. Nice to hear a technical breakdown of this subject, rather than just random "guestimates".

  39. Keep up the good research and content production, your helping me further guide my research and it is very much appreciated.

  40. Brad Pitt 3 years ago

    Now is the time to Buy Bitcoin!Get ready for the surge,Unfortunately, trends do not last forever. When trends do stop, newbie traders are not able to notice the difference… They will keep trading the same way and wonder why their trades are not winning anymore.I have been in the crypto space for so long trying to figure when to buy and when not to. I ran into luck when I contacted Charles Garry from the comment section of a video and he gave me his professional guidance and also recommended good graph for me with accurate signals . It was my first time of trading cryptocurrency and I have felt confident in my decisions. I have made 10 times on my trading capital in 3 weeks and with the market making large moves and the support and mentoring I get from Mr Garry, I am going for even bigger goals. Charles is available for reach on /Telegram ( +1-631-620-6929 and via email [email protected])

  41. Edward Gutierrez 3 years ago

    “This is your brain on blockchain”. Nice line.

  42. Jiojio Lachance 3 years ago

    that's right one billionaire can buy it all but he would have to buy it from other billionaire and millionaire. with such demande price will skyrocket leaving the tycoon who pursue such a goal with his balls in his hand. and even if he would get a old of all the BTC out there it will have no value left. he would have bought something that it can't use because he would have centralize the decentralize currency. so the vitalik of the wolrd would have fork another chain for themselfve without greedy billionaire in it. crypto is for the people and by the people. all situation of monopole are systematicaly non viable.

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