difference between advance and advanced

hi, I am puneet biseria…. Welcome to vocabulary made EASIEST, finally The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and lo, vocabulary made easiest.
And learn meanings in in HINDI.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically the easiest and fastest way to learn English vocabulary, as well as remember the words you have learnt.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically a series of vocabulary videos that is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate and advanced level students.
Etymology improves your vocabulary. If you learn only the ROOT-WORDS, you can learn thousands of words regularly used. Do not try to learn them. Just read and let it absorb. repeat and Soon, your vocabulary will expand greatly. Etymology is the best method to increase your vocabulary.

If you want to learn the etymology of english words or the origin of english words, You need to refer to the dictionary of word origins and study the dictionary of etymology. The best dictionary with word origins is Oxford Etymology Dictionary and here you will not only learn the origin of words and phrases, you will also learn word etymology. These videos that is vocabulary made EASIEST is the series specially designed with the help of etymology dictionary for kids and the etymological dictionary of Greek…. and therefore if you want to learn etymology…. This is the best approach

These videos also contain cat vocabulary word list given in the Barron’s List of Most frequently asked words in competitive exams.
Through these videos you will also understand how to improve vocab for CAT. the best way to master vocabulary for cat exam is to master the
root words for cat which is given in the cat vocabulary books. You can also successfully attempt the cat vocabulary test and it is better than using any cat vocabulary app

Same is the case if you are preparing for CLAT vocabulary. You can easily learn foreign words for clat, And can successfully attempt the vocabulary test for CLAT.
You can easily learn the legal maxims and foreign words asked in clat these videos contain the most important foreign words for clat

If you are preparing for GRE vocabulary then too this is the best choice. Better than using gre vocabulary flashcards and gre vocabulary builder.
You can successfully attempt the GRE vocabulary quiz and gre vocabulary test.
gre vocabulary app

follow this and you can master the most important english vocabulary for competitive exams. Like
vocabulary for SSC CGL. In these videos you can learn english vocabulary words with meaning in hindi. And can successfully master the ssc vocabulary test.
apart from this you will also learn several tricks to learn english vocabulary

if you follow this series vocabulary from the hindu newspaper will not haunt you. And you will master english vocabulary for all the competitive exams. You will learn english synonyms and antonyms for bank exams, improve vocabulary for bank exams, the hindu editorial vocabulary.

This series is an expansion of word power made easy by Norman Lewis.


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  1. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    Advance booking
    because sir Kisi chiz ki booking Jaise 🚆 Train seat , mi phones , iPhone , kuch books etc. Pehlay sey hi book Karni parti hai so we can't use advance
    Advance reservation
    Similarly Jaise IIT exam me SC, ST , OBC key liye reservation pehlay sey hi Hoti hai so we can't use Advance

  2. Shrishail Kattimani 3 years ago

    I think both are wrong advance booking and advance reservation

  3. Syokat Ali 3 years ago

    Some students have advanced knowledge of vocabulary of this YouTube channel
    THANK you so much Sir

  4. Syokat Ali 3 years ago

    Now a days students take advanced coaching for competition exam so that competition become cut throat competition.
    Thank you so much Sir

  5. Syokat Ali 3 years ago

    Sir advanced booking or advance booking ka difference samaz nahi aaya, Sir I checked on some websites some tells advance booking meaning अग्रिम बुकिंग some tells meaning and difference and they tell advance + something is right expression . In those one website is
    Sir even thefreedictionary shows some examples used advance+something .
    Sir please explain where is the mistake.
    I will thankful to you for your amazing work.
    Thank you so much Sir

  6. Syokat Ali 3 years ago

    Advance booking
    Sir think like that we go somewhere after 5 days and we book the tickets today then a person ask us, do you booked the tickets then what will we say either yes I booked in advance or I did advance booking.
    Sir baat kuch hazam nahi ho rahi hai.
    Thank you so much Sir

  7. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    I think advance booking -wrong
    because word 'booking' itself refers to have fixed the seat.

  8. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    Advance reservation – wrong advance reservation is wrong in the the context of booking a room in hotel, booking a ticket etc. because reservation is made in advance so I think it is a superfluous to use advance before reservation.

  9. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    In this era of rat race every aspirant, be they upsc aspirants or ssc or some state level exam aspirants, is making advanced planning and doing advance preparation.

  10. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    2days back was my exam .I had not prepared especialy for that exam. Had I not followed this series I might have not answered some synonyms.

  11. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    synonym of 'entreat' was asked in my paper and I marked the right option within one second as I had studied the word here. Thank you sir.

  12. Rajesh sahu 3 years ago

    Sir what is right answer of question because you liked both type answer please clear doubt.

  13. Rajesh sahu 3 years ago

    Congratulations SIR 5 lac subscriber its best way as compare to whatsapp to spread knowledge..

  14. Rahul Abhishek 3 years ago

    Good afternoon sir.

    You are excelent youtuber.

    Sir can you make videos on prepositions..

  15. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    Taking advance Payment by Coaching Institutions from students is strategy of Increasing Tenure period of students and reducing Students Turnover.

  16. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    It is a Trend that all successful Businessman have performed advanced planning of more than 5 years before commencement of Business.

  17. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Advance booking गलत है, क्योंकि booking में पहले से ही advance का अर्थ निहित है। जैसे नमूना के रूप में- चंदू ने शादी के लिए hotel में booking की जो advance हो होगा।

    Advance reservation भी गलत है क्योंकि reservation शब्द मात्र से स्पष्ट हो जाता है कि x seats को X no. of people के लिए अलग से आरक्षित कर लिया है। यानी कि adavance का प्रयोग करना यहाँ भी superfluous हो जाएगा

  18. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Most of the coachings want advance payment because they know that the no. of the students at the end of the batch will remain only 1/5 of the total no. of the students at the beginning.
    (Kyuki jyadatar advanced coachings me un subjects k un topics ko pahle padhaya jata hai, jo unke master ka strength hota hai……
    Baaki last me pata chalta hai, ye master shuru k topics me 'Shaktiman' aur baad k topics me 'Gangadhar' hai.)
    (Suppose koi apne English Grammar teacher ki bahut tarif karta hai, to mai uske "Preposition" aane ka wait karta hu)

  19. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Haha I made all the sentences wrong in the previous 'Advance' and 'Advancement' video because I had no idea of the word 'Advanced'

  20. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Now-a-days, due to increase in no. of candidates as well as competition, the exam vendors are using more advanced questions because selection is actually rejection process. Therefore, one of my senior well-wisher advised me to level-up my preparation

  21. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    The businessman who is able to create monopoly in the market always gets advance payment from his customers.
    (Chindi version of Blue Ocean Strategy)

  22. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Puneet Sir has advance + advanced knowledge of so many subjects that he already has answer of most of our questions. Very versatile teacher.

  23. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    The courses of my college are divided into categories:
    ●General courses- which gives advanced knowledge of a specific subject. Eg- BSc(Hons.), BA, BCom etc
    ●Vocational courses- which gives little but advance knowledge of many subjects. Eg- BBM, BCA, BSc(IT)

    (Aur sabse badi khasiyat koi v couse karne k baad, ladke Bank/Railway ki taiyari karte hai, because of zero placement in tier-III towns)

  24. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    A professional must have advanced knowledge of his subject.

  25. silent night 3 years ago

    Advance booking ×
    Bcz booking mtlb pahle hi booking karna like – clg seat booking so advance nhi lga sakte
    Advance reservation ×
    Bcz reservation pahle hi kya jata h like – train seat reservation so we can't use advance reservation

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