Presented by: Miss. Shubhangi Sharma, Rau’s IAS Study Circle

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News Covered Today:

1. Tirupati Brahmotsavam – (0:36)
2. India’s first missile tracking ship – (04:01)
3. Small loans could turn bad – (10:23)
4. US threatens sanctions on ICC – (21:01)
5. Encouraging young minds – Article – (27:39)

Link for video for El Nino phenomenon –

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  1. Rau'sIAS 3 years ago

    News Covered Today:

    1. Tirupati Brahmotsavam – (0:36)
    2. India’s first missile tracking ship – (04:01)
    3. Small loans could turn bad – (10:23)
    4. US threatens sanctions on ICC – (21:01)
    5. Encouraging young minds – Article – (27:39)

  2. Mindmap is excellent

  3. Anurag Kumar 3 years ago

    tqu mam, answer c

  4. CA Sai Gireesh 3 years ago

    Good one mam

  5. Mohamed Ibrahim 3 years ago

    Excellent explanation..! By the way, what kind of attitude does the USA have ? They do all the war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc and if ICC tries to them prosecute, they are threatening the officials of adverse consequences. Somebody save the World from adamant America Please !

  6. Can you please explain SEBI on Indian-origin foreign portfolio in brief

  7. Aruna shree 3 years ago

    Mam please speak a little bit faster.👎.. Otherwise the content and mindmaps are gud…👍

  8. laxmi fozdar 3 years ago

    Good one:-)

  9. vinod kumar 3 years ago


  10. utkarsh Singh 3 years ago

    You should speak fast…pauces are long and irritating!

  11. sukriti singh 3 years ago

    sir for dna u were best so plz u continue

  12. Cherie Rawat 3 years ago

    C maths

  13. Pooja Tomar 3 years ago

    Can anyone tell me…after watching these video' it necessary to read the newspaper?

  14. prithvi raj 3 years ago

    not at all comfortable with her way of teaching

  15. selva rani 3 years ago

    Mam you way of teaching is toooooo awesome…… I came to know how to read news paper………
    . wonderful..analysis but do it for all news

  16. tharani vemuganti 3 years ago

    No offense to Miss Shubangi ma'am but pleasee don't introduce new lecturers! It's a huge let down to open the video and see a new face. We got accustomed to few lecturers ex – Ankur Sharma sir or Mangal Singh sir etc. and their way of teaching so it's a humble request to Rau's academy to upload dns made by them.
    Ps- once again no offense to shubangi ma'am or any new lecturer.

  17. Amal Christo 3 years ago

    Great !!!
    Thank You So Much Ma'am

  18. abbu khajuria 3 years ago

    Subhangi mam.. Your way of explaning the things are also good… Bt not at par with the techniques of ANKUR SIR AND MANGAL SIR.. it's a request to rau's academy to not introduce new faces…. We are very much happy with the old faculty… Pls look into this…
    P. S: – No offence to subhangi mam way of teaching.

  19. Senthil murugan 3 years ago

    Super mam,and mind map preparation is very useful thank you

  20. Shikhar Gupta 3 years ago

    You present well mam, I would only suggest to please tune up the tempo of your presentation and provide more information in single slide because some of us take screenshots and it becomes hard to handle lot of screenshots.
    Thank You mam 🙂

  21. Harpreet Gill 3 years ago

    too slow. …

  22. Harpreet Gill 3 years ago

    too slow. …

  23. Shubham Singh 3 years ago

    Nice effort.. but u should be little more fast mam 😊

  24. vinod kumar 3 years ago

    There is little misinterpretation that brahmotsavam is celebrated to honor lord vishnu (srinivasa,Balaji,venkateswara) it is said brahmotsavam because the grand celebration .people believe that lord brahma himself come down to watch the celebration so it got that name

  25. Mayank Sharma 3 years ago

    Answer : c

  26. vishal nayak 3 years ago

    Please give us sir back. Miss the sir's clear idea of presentation on news and idea behind the probability in exam

  27. Pooja Tomar 3 years ago

    Koi to reply kr do please

  28. Ankit Bhargava 3 years ago

    Thanks for providing in-depth analysis of important news articles.

  29. Manoj Kumar 3 years ago

    In tirupati brahmaotsvam the deity worshipped is lord venkateswara, not Brahma…brahma in the title means huge and grand in telugu …also there is another story that this festival is first performed by lord Brahma, this is the other reason…

  30. sandeep kumar 3 years ago

    Is India a member state of ICC ?

  31. Raj Jhalta 3 years ago

    Welcome mam….and also waiting for mangal sir

  32. Ashi Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Today's dna is so bad…… She was just keep on reading…. Plzzzz don't spoil ur quality

  33. I'm SRK 3 years ago

    Taking too much time even for a small news

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