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Comments are closed.

  1. Shubham Patel 2 years ago

    Jio sirji jio

  2. sanchit raina 2 years ago

    shaktikant das

  3. Ankur Pandey 2 years ago

    Unacademy is a confusing platform for students

  4. Bhanu Shanker 2 years ago

    Unacademy पर power of ten भी सही रहेगा

  5. Mavsh 2 years ago

    sir don't go there you have a different platform and have precious content. but loving sir choice is yours we will be stay tuned at PT education platform we will not go on unacademy but new students can join you there. thank u sir.

  6. Only one platform ca with pt

  7. ashwani kumar 2 years ago

    Sir from my side BIG NO …..unacademy is like a "jio model" bussiness in education sector.
    1-way the unacademy is running "online school model "that could replace the tradional model of education and reshape the future of education ,where student would ask "How you educate despite the Form where you educate " doubtful and and suspetious.
    2….I hope educator like you will compete the future education challenges rather than taking a side ……..and supporting the monopoly of future school business()online education
    3.may be you have only few thousand viewer now but your Brand value is much different than Unacademy.
    4.Lastly we remind you that we love you not the brand ……..thank you .

  8. No others

  9. Shivam Mishra 2 years ago

    Sir, You should go with unacademy. It is a good platform but what it is really lacking is good educators at the same time it will also help you to get more recognition. All the best. I want to know two things from you
    1. Your experiences as an entrepreneur and what one should have in him to be one?
    2. What was the incidence which made you spiritual from an atheist?

  10. Dev Kumar 2 years ago

    SIR, Unacademy is bit confusing but still they have large viewership…….so, if you start small courses there it may increase your viewership at both the platform…

  11. AnSuMaN 2 years ago

    yes sir ,you definitely join unacademy. it's a great platform to people have you.roman sir and you both are my inspiration.

  12. Jayesh I 2 years ago

    Hasmukh adhiya will be next governor of india

  13. robin kumar 2 years ago

    don't go for unacademy

  14. Sunny Devidas 2 years ago

    आदरणीय संदीप सर
    P T एजुकेशन एकमात्र अपना सबसे अलग ब्रांड है। इसका ना तो किसी के साथ मुकाबला या बराबरी करना भी गलत होगा। और जहां तक मैं जानता हूं आप इस ज्ञान की यात्रा में सबसे पुराने, पहिले भी कहूं तो कुछ ग़लत नहीं होगा और सबसे अलग शिक्षक हो। आपका किसी के साथ जुड़ना बिल्कुल सही नहीं होगा क्योंकि आप लाखों में एक है। और Unacademy में हजारों की संख्या में टीचर जुड़े हुए है… वहा पर ज्यादातर लोग शिक्षा के मार्केटिंग के साथ में जुड़े हुए हैं। आपका उनके साथ में विलय होना मतलब कतई सहन न होने वाली बात है…। कृपया आप ऐसा ना करें। PT और CA बहुत कुछ है हमारे लिए।

  15. Satyam Kumar 2 years ago

    Sir i would like to suggest that please continue all these series and rather have some other educators connected with you on your platform to make it more diverse..thats just my thought that you aren’t meant to be lost amongst some amateur educators instead being a legend give our country a legendary platform of learning for all classes of the society..

  16. ravi khanna 2 years ago

    Unacademy! You must dear Sir! It will open up a window for access to more viewers. More students will get benefitted. It’s going to be win win for All.

  17. Simran Mehta 2 years ago

    Yes sir, u must go with unacademy.

  18. Narayan Singh 2 years ago

    Sir there is no need to go in unacademy. There is full of skepticism, disorientation, confusion et al.

  19. Jai prakash Gupta 2 years ago

    25th RBI governor – shaktikant

  20. Samir Mitra 2 years ago

    please don't join that . ur purpose is not to do business.. it's a very good platform sir. don't ever join. my request.

  21. master ni 2 years ago

    please don't join unacadmey
    it just give surface view
    with cost and not free like your CA and power of 10 .

  22. Vipul Singh 2 years ago

    Sir uncademy ya knhi aur apko jane ki jaroorat nhi hai
    Hamre pyar me koi kmi rh gyi ho to…
    Aap sirf hamri amant ho..

  23. shivendra dwivedi 2 years ago

    shaktikanta das new RBI Governor

  24. Good evening Sir,
    My suggestion for UNACADEMY is that, If you will give 10- 20 valuable min to them it's good because they will also get the right path to seek knowledge in right direction. Most important thing is guidance by Guru, once person get the write direction he will go to to that path by own. Guru ke gyan ki dhara me sabko apne vicharo ko sudha karne ka awsar milna chaiye

  25. vinay kumar 2 years ago

    Yes sir I have been studying there since last year it's amazing platform Unacadmy like your channel

  26. vaibhav chawla 2 years ago

    Sir don't join unacademy.. YouTube as a platform has more reach than unacademy, also sir it will be hectic for you and your team as PT already has alot to do.

  27. Yashvir Indolia 2 years ago

    no sir …big No to unacademy. It is a khichdi channel . The audience there is not basically directly focussed for the competitive exams.

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