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  1. PT education HQ 2 years ago

    PRABODHAN 2019-20 is now open for enrolment –

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    All the best – Kar ke dikhayenge :))

  2. pawan gulia 2 years ago


  3. SHRAVAN SINGH 2 years ago

    really thankful to team ca pt

  4. Ranjan Singh 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir

  5. pragati anant 2 years ago

    Ultimate teacher👌

  6. BB Chaudhary 2 years ago

    Hlo sir ji
    Humko telegram se kyou left kr diya gya hi

  7. Pooja Singh 2 years ago

    Amazing sir

  8. sunil verma 2 years ago

    sir its 2019😄

  9. Tanuj Pandey 2 years ago

    namesta sir … apna ek que pucha tha ki Makar sankranti kyu celebrate ki jati or iska sun sai kya relation

    ans- Makar sankranti is festival celebrate all over INDIA its is the time when over Hindu vedic's believe that the sun enter to the makar rasi [ capricorn ] or its also believed that the end of winter and begining of spring happen on 14 jan . its names are different in differ states most faomus is pongal in tamil nadu.

  10. Prayag Mishra 2 years ago

    am very thankful to you respected sir


  12. Ravi Rawal 2 years ago

    god bless sir ji

  13. Samrah Khan 2 years ago

    Sir u r absolutely right

  14. SUMIT DASH 2 years ago

    I am proud to be born in India, because India has teachers like u..

  15. vikram singh 2 years ago

    Sandeep Sir Zindabaad:-)

  16. Zahid khan 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir Zindabad

  17. Zahid khan 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir Zindabad

  18. arsh javed 2 years ago

    sandeep sir zindabaad

  19. Talk Nerdy to me 2 years ago

    Caral Sagan – pale blue dot

  20. Piyush Tiwari 2 years ago

    Kar Ke Dikhaaenge!

  21. RAJEEV KUMAR 2 years ago


  22. RAJEEV KUMAR 2 years ago

    I think constituents should amend on economic Backwardness

  23. RAJEEV KUMAR 2 years ago

    I saw the cosmos series

  24. Piyush Tiwari 2 years ago

    Excited for the English course. I must say, The way Sandeep sir teaches is amazing. I joined Govt Exams Cracker and got benefitted a lot. I have also apprised a couple of my friends of this new English lecture. Thank you, PT for bringing such awesome courses for us from time to time!

  25. Prof.Mainak Ghosal 2 years ago

    Q1. "The Right Wing focuses on exclusively whereas the Left Wing focuses on Inclusivity." Comment. A: self-identity (right wing focus) & democracy (left wing focus) are the main parlances.

    Q2. What are President Trump's reasons for building a wall on the US-Mexico border? A: Illegal immigrants, drugs, terrorism.

    Q3. Discuss the various reasons for which a border wall between US and Mexico is being opposed. A: waste of money & resources.

    Q4. What is ADIZ? What have been the recent controversies in this? A: Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea. ADIZs are not governed by an international treaty or convention, and the risks of not having one are increasing. Speculation is growing that China may declare other ADIZs, including the South China Sea. This, of course, would be decidedly more provocative than the East China Sea, since no South China Sea state currently maintains an ADIZ.

    Q5. Examine the various claims and counter claims in the South China Sea. A: a dispute that is no longer just about territory but also broader maritime rights, an evolving maritime regime, resources, and increasingly, the role of China as a rising power in East Asia vis-à-vis the United States as the status quo power.6 nations involved-China,Taiwan,Brunei,Malaysia,Phillipines & Vietnam.

    Q6. What are the Quad nations? What are their basic objectives in coming together? A: Australia, India, Japan and the US should work with partner countries to oppose the establishment of permanent Chinese military bases in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

    Q7. Explain the grounds on which the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is being opposed in Assam. Why are sedition cases being filed against the leader of AGP? A: The bill stretches the cutoff date for granting citizenship to December 31, 2014 from March 24, 1971 as mentioned in the Assam Accord of 1985.For opposing the Bill.

    Q8. Discuss the state of refugees in India. A: The countries do not have specific domestic laws and policies for the refugees. Although India is not the party to the 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 protocol, even do not have a national refugee protection framework, but still it continues to give asylums to refugees of the neighboring countries. Asylum seekers can get the refugee status from UNHCR if the status is not protected by the Indian Government.

    Q9. Do you agree with the Indian Government's rationale that India has a duty towards Hindus persecuted in various parts of the world? A: Absolutely Yes.

    Q10. Discuss the grounds on which the Constitutional (124th) Amendment Bill was opposed in the Rajya Sabha. A: The bill sent to a select committee for scrutiny.

    Q11. What different criteria are laid down in Article 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution for providing reservations? Explain technically. A: Article 15 (1) and (2) prohibit the state from discriminating any citizen on ground of any religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them. Article 16(1) & 16(2) have laid down a general rule that there shall be equal opportunity for all citizens and thus emphasizes on universality of Indian Citizenship.

    Q12. Critically analyze the successes and the failures of the reservations system in India. What has been achieved, and what could not be? A: reservation system finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India. Dividing the population on the basis of castes and religions has never done any good if they fail to get an admission in a good college due to a reservation. Education system as a whole has been deteriorating due to admissions of candidates based on quota and not merit.

    Q13. Discuss the various areas in which America and China compete rather than collaborate. A: Trade, Technological innovations, FDI, Economic supremacy.

    Q14. Are the global political conditions today so critical that a Cold war may ensure between US and China? State your reasons. A: Yes due to the above factors & which were more or less the same factors for US/USSR war.

    Q15. Discuss the reasons why China landing on the dark side of the moon may trigger a space war between USA and China. A: As no country not even the US have explored it.

    Q16. Discuss the objectives of the Gulf Cooperation Council. What are the major divides in this council today? A: Common FTA with same tariffs, common market & common currency.

    Q17. Is there anything common running through all the conflicts in the Gulf Region? Discuss. A: regional order in the Gulf was shaped by a triangle formed by Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. If one of them gained too much weight, the other two tried to compensate. Iran vs Saudia Arabia vs Iraq.

    Q18. Has western dominance of the world ended? Who will dominate the stage of world affairs after the Western dominance ends? No. Maybe China/ Russia (Easternism).

    Q19. Discuss the evolution of the concept of PIL in India. What is the SC's latest stand on it? A: The concept of Public Interest Litigation owes much to the. American innovation … had its origin in the United States and over the years by the imposition of emergency by P.M.Indira Gandhi had its institutional roots sowed in the Supreme Court of India. In India, the concept of PIL originated in PUDR vs Delhi Govt. in' Asiad Labor Case (1982). During the construction-boom in Delhi before the Asian Games in 1982, migrant laborers from various

    parts of the country were brought to Delhi by the Private Contractors and did not pay their basic wages and made to live them in the streets of Delhi.

    Q20. What is the meaning of 'locus standing'? Explain its legal ramifications. How does this concept work in a PIL? A: In law, locus standi means the right to bring an action, to be heard in court, or to address the Court on a matter before it. Locus standi is the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party's participation in the case. The rule of locus standi have widened the scope of PIL& a person acting bonafide and having sufficient interest in the proceeding of PIL will alone have a locus standi and can approach the court to wipe out violation of fundamental rights and genuine infraction of statutory provisions.

    Q21. What was the 'Bedi Committee'? What are the various issues enquired into by it? A: Confidential report filed by Justice H.S.Bedi Monitoring Committee into 21 police encounters in Gujrat when Narendra Modi was C.M. to be shared with the petitioners Javed Akhtar & Ors.

    Q22. Discuss the important issue in India-Britain relations. A: New post Brexit immigration system which plans to create a level playing field for EU & non-EU workers.

    Q23. What are the major changes proposed in UK's Immigration system post-Brexit? A: basing immigration opportunities on skill levels than workers origin.

    Q24. Examine the impact of restrictive immigration laws in UK and USA on the Indian economy. A: US have tightened the process to award H1-B visas after Trumps accession.

    Q25. What are the major factors that will decide the path of the Indian Economy in 2018-19 and beyond? A: Investment: Stable; Fiscal prudence: Downward Risk; Agriculture: upward bias; Industrial Output: positive outlook; Inflation: Upside risk; Monetary policy: no more Status quo?; Banking sector: Upward bias; Corporate Bond Market: Positive outlook; G.Sec yields: Upside risk; FDI: Stable outlook; FPI: Downward bias; Foreign Trade: Upward bias; Current Account Deficit: Upside Risk; Foreign exchange reserves: Downward bias; Exchange Rate: Upside risk

    Q26. Discuss the reasons for agricultural growth in FY 2018-19.A: Investments & Govt. initiatives.

    Q27. Analyze the impact of US-China trade talks on the Indian Economy. A: there could be a cascading impact in terms of openings for India to enter other markets.

  26. Shreyans Bothra 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir zindabad!!!!!!!!!

  27. Om Prakesh 2 years ago

    Jai hind

  28. gopal rajput 2 years ago

    J mahakal j kaal bherav j sandip sir

  29. Sanaya Roy 2 years ago

    Wahah ….study with sillynesss ….lovely

  30. Hitesh joshi 2 years ago

    Remarkable job sir ,I really feel enthusiastic whenever I listen to your voice .

  31. Sapna Shrivastav 2 years ago

    Citizenship assam in turmoil-
    Antiforeigners agitation occured in assam from 1979-85 after a gap of 33 years now it is again in turmoil bcz of the citizenship amendment bill.
    Reason for agitation- the assam acord ascribed march 24th 1971 as the cutt-off date for detecting and deporting migrants irrespective of religion. And this bill make those who entered india after march 1971 eligible for citizenship overnight. And in defence bjp claims that india was devided on basis of religion and the country has to create space for non muslim victims of partition facing religious persecution facing in neighbourhood

  32. Sapna Shrivastav 2 years ago

    ADIZ(air defence identification zone)- is airspace over land/water in which the identification , location abd control of civil aircraft performed in intrest of national security., which is not regulated by international body.
    1st AIDZ-27th dec 1950 by usa during korean war.
    20 countries have this zone- india, japan, china, japan, n.corean, iceland, sweden, taiwsn, uk, pakistan, australia.

  33. Sapna Shrivastav 2 years ago

    Quad nation- comprising india japan australia and usa.
    Who stresses upon improving interoperability and evolving a " common maritine awareness picture" in IOR.
    It is seen as acknowledgement of the rapid expansion of the chinese navy and an attemp to encounter it

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