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Comments are closed.

  1. DJDEB10 2 years ago

    You are my inspiration sir

  2. Zubair Latif 2 years ago

    Live Long

  3. zahid ahmed 2 years ago

    Sir plese tell me about scra

  4. maniratnam kumar 2 years ago

    What are various categories for cyclone?
    Severe cyclone in India

  5. siddhartha jain 2 years ago

    No government is offered a neutral economy especially current one which is filling massive holes. Everybody knows the truth but majority wants to postpone for other priorities like national security etc.

  6. Divyanshu Shekhar 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir zindabaad

  7. Pawan singh kushwah 2 years ago

    Kar ke dikhyege sir thank you sir

  8. Mohit Sharma 2 years ago

    sandeep sir zindabad

  9. saroj kumar 2 years ago

    Love u sir

  10. JENISH SAMANI 2 years ago

    Nice Session

  11. ADITYA JAIN 2 years ago

    Good analysis

  12. Curious Soul 2 years ago

    Thank you sir, hope you'll keep providing these CA video.

  13. bankers adda 2 years ago

    Kar ke dikhenge

  14. Abhay ranjan 2 years ago

    receiving a little smile & Namaste thank you sir ….. Abhay ranjan mishra

  15. Saurav Raj 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir jindabad 🤗

  16. kota krishnareddy 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir jindabad..!!!!

  17. shaik umar 2 years ago

    Session was fantastic guruji…

  18. Free Voice 2 years ago

    The best sir.

  19. atul gupta 2 years ago


    Maja aa jata hai apka session dekh ke. Newspaper reading becomes so easy post watching your session.

    Kar k dikhaenge….

  20. Pritam saha 2 years ago

    great session sir Sometime conduct some live sessions too sir

  21. Gautam Kumar 2 years ago

    Sir aaj bahut jaldi Me hai

  22. Utkarsh Singh 2 years ago

    Sandeep sir zindabaad!

  23. pankaj choudhary 2 years ago

    thank you sir

  24. God's own Channel 2 years ago

    Kar ke dikhayenge🙏

  25. Arhama Shuaib 2 years ago

    Awesome sir👍

  26. chandan kr singh 2 years ago

    What a session sir!!!Kar ke dikhayenge…Sandeep Sir Rocks

  27. chandan kr singh 2 years ago

    Q. Explain concept of International Airspace ?

  28. Sanjeev Kumar 2 years ago

    Kar ke dikhayenge

  29. 7076Rajput 2 years ago

    Thankyou so much.

  30. aishwary upadhyay 2 years ago

    very nice sir

  31. rex007king 2 years ago

    12:49 just a minor correction. India granted MFN status to Pak in 1996 itself when WTO formed, which was not yet reciprocated by Pakistan.

  32. Jayant Jain 2 years ago

    thank you sandeep sir and the entire team of PT Eduacation

  33. MAAHI MAA 2 years ago

    Hmra v rftar bd rha h Sir apke dua se bahut bahut danewad sir

  34. Ashu Singh 2 years ago

    thku Sandeep sir

  35. Janardan Parida 2 years ago

    Karke dikhaenge

  36. Pranay 2 years ago

    More Demo session English cracker course neeeded

  37. Anushka Sharma 2 years ago

    Kar ke dikhayenge….. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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