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  1. PT education HQ 2 years ago

    ENGLISH CRACKER COURSE is open for enrolment –
    . . .
    PRABODHAN 2019-20 –
    . . .
    . . .
    365 CONTENT – your one stop solution for all our CA resources
    Go here –
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    Download PT's APP on Playstore –
    . . .
    Sandeep sir's profile on Unacademy –
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    10,000+ solved Apti questions in English – – Enroll, Register, and start using! All the best!
    . . .
    All the best – Kar ke dikhayenge :))

  2. karke dikhayenge

  3. Curious Soul 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir. 🙏

  4. Ankit Mavai 2 years ago

    Sir please make videos on vocabulary. I know you have already uploaded videos on vocabulary. But still some people like me need your help to enhance our vocab. Sir if you have some time from your busy schedule please help me

  5. Ankit Mavai 2 years ago

    Please make some videos on vocab

  6. Mr Nobody 2 years ago


  7. aishwary upadhyay 2 years ago

    thank you sir for great learning but i have written testimonial 3 day ago which did not appear . sir please take it i have some questions in that.

  8. Pravin Singh 2 years ago

    Thanks Sir! I am very grateful to your teachings.

  9. sandesh lokade 2 years ago

    Sir english cracker course ki fees kitni hai sir plz

  10. Mohit Sharma 2 years ago

    sandeep sir zindabad

  11. akash srivastava 2 years ago

    Sandeep Sir Zindabaad!!

  12. Free Voice 2 years ago

    चरण स्पर्श।।

  13. Ashish Bodake 2 years ago

    Sir you are rock….

  14. Innovation india 2 years ago

    I is your dedication to our nation to inspire and encourage us to do something for improvement

  15. Ravinder Singh 2 years ago

    Good morning sir. Sir i want you to read a book by Himanshu kumar. You can access himanshu kumar youtube lecture on naxalism. I have gone through a book by himanshu kumar titled as "vikas Adivasi aur hinsa" and this particular book shake my soul whats happening with tribals and why they join naxalism .

    Vikas Adivasi Aur Himsa : Kiska Vikas- Kiska Vinash

  16. Bhagwan Singh 2 years ago

    Sir bataenge maruti suzuki kya h ……bharat me kiski hissedari h….ya japani company

  17. ravi keshari 2 years ago

    Sir ham bharmacy ke student kya upsc ki taiyari kar sakte h hindi medium se

  18. Anushka Sharma 2 years ago


  19. SURAJ KUMAR 2 years ago

    thankq sir

  20. Shekhar Suman 2 years ago

    Lots of love sir!!!!!!
    No one girls here

  21. Shekhar Suman 2 years ago

    One world community…I s good idea

  22. Shekhar Suman 2 years ago

    Millitary expand……..
    Sure nation will one..when basic needs…to comtifill…Lots of opturnity

  23. Shekhar Suman 2 years ago

    Lots of oppturnitities in India!!!+

  24. Shekhar Suman 2 years ago

    Phany….is war fare for humanity

  25. Baikuntha Naik 2 years ago

    Very much helpful

  26. Rohit Mishra 2 years ago

    Thanks Sir

  27. ashish sharma 2 years ago

    Ain't u supporting these URBAN NAXALS on twitter..??..U retweeted myraid no of tweets of KAVITA KRISHNAN..?…Such is ur F.O.E u block ppl who show u the facts..Ops hw can I forget THE ONLY FREEDOM COMMUNIST GIVES U IS TO PRAISE THEMSELVES…U r a hardcore MODI HATER SIR…

  28. Prof.Mainak Ghosal 2 years ago

    1. Which are the top 10 spenders on military budget in 2018 as per SIPRI report? A:Saudia Arabia,US,Israel, France,UK,Russia,India,Oman, China,Brazil

    2. What is the trend in spending per capita & the % of GDP of the top spenders in 2018?A:Increase

    3. Is it possible that a day will arrive when nations will become one thereby ending the need to have any military? A:Leadership required for that to happen

    4. What are the reasons that Cyclone ‘Foni’ is an outlier? A: The in situ cyclonic systems in the Bay of Bengal usually originate around latitude 10°, in line with Chennai or Thiruvananthapuram. Fani, on the other hand, originated quite close to the Equator, around latitude 2°, well below the Sri Lankan landmass. The forecast landfall on the Odisha coast is at a latitude of almost 20°. It has traversed a long way on the sea, thus gaining strength that is unusual for cyclones originating in the Bay of Bengal in this season.

    5. Explain the basic modus operandi of CO-LO scam? A: Co-location allow brokers to operate closer to their servers upon payment of additional fees. It helps brokers secure advantage over others due to proximity to exchange servers as data transmission takes less time. Orders reach exchange servers faster than those who have not availed of the facility.

    6. Explain the genesis of Naxal problem in India & why has India state not able to end it till date? A: When the Naxal uprising began in 1967, the Indian government looked at it as a law and order problem. It did not analyze the causes of the movement and the extent of mobilization of people. Hence, it believed that it could and would put an end to it in a short span of time using force.

    7. Why is the world community generally silent on the massive Human Rights violations in Xinjiang against the Ughuyr Muslims? Not USA

    8. What is the primary reason that Pakistani military keeps running the low cost proxy warfare against India? A:financially viable

    9. What are the overall performance of GST regimes in India & what are it deep concerns? A:Good & improving

    ?It is often said that the health of the automobile market is the direct barometer of the job generation in India. Explain why? True

    10. What happened in the holocaust committed by the Nazis? A:Mass suicides.

    11. What were the observations of the Supreme Court on Electoral Bonds? A: Supreme Court allows electoral bonds but with riders.

  29. amir maqbool 2 years ago

    Sir I have recently completed my bsc degree and now I want to prepare for civil service exam tell me some tips about exam how should I prepare …what should I do……plz

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