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  1. PT education HQ 3 years ago

    ENGLISH CRACKER COURSE is open for enrolment –
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    All the best – Kar ke dikhayenge :))

  2. Sunny Devidas 3 years ago

    Good evening sir

  3. Mukesh Mehra 3 years ago

    Respected sir, I am selected in IBPS CLERK (BOB bank). M aapko last 16 month s follow kr rha hu
    Without your channel this could not be possible. I am the one who wrote "bhavantar bhugtan yojana" incorrect i hope you remember that ?
    I want to meet you atleast once in my life.
    Thnk you so much sir dil s.

  4. Harsh Gupta 3 years ago

    sir aapka roz intezar hota hai…

  5. amit rajput 3 years ago

    As a youth I am concerned about –
    Farm distress
    Deterioration of education and health
    Job crisis
    Criminal justice system

  6. Kapil Kapil 3 years ago

    Gud evening sir

  7. Harsh Gupta 3 years ago

    sir please provide one demo for english cracker course ..

  8. bankers adda 3 years ago

    thanx u sir for your inspiration

  9. MAA Amwany 3 years ago

    Sir questions Hindi me v ek bar boliye please sir

  10. Simran Mehta 3 years ago

    Sir 1st April ki video

  11. Paras choudhary 3 years ago

    great sir ji

  12. Gaurav Gandhi 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing my testimonial sir!

  13. Diksha Sharma 3 years ago

    Q1. What are the basic promises of the GST system and to what extent have we fulfill them in nearly 2 years of implementation?
    Q2. What have been the general trends observed in the collection pattern of GST in India?
    Q3. What was the key achievements of the PSLVC-45 launched in April 2019 by ISRO?
    Q4. When man will first colonise moon or mars? How will the legal and judicial systems evolve on those colonies?
    Q5. List five major genocides of human history. Also explain their causes?
    Q6. How do you reconcile the opposing requirements of greater coal production and greater need to reduce the GHG emissions?
    Q7. What are the apparent problems pointed out by Civil society in the Forests Right Bill, 2019?
    Q8. Why was the FRDA Bill, 2017 withdrawn by the government?
    Q9. Who were the Axis Powers and who were the Allied Powers in the Second World War?
    Q10. What do we mean by Constitutional Monarchy?
    Q11. Describe the modus operandi behind RBI's Rupee-Dollar Swap. Why they brought the second auction so soon?

  14. bankers adda 3 years ago

    Oh namah shiva ye

  15. Ram Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Guruji parnam

  16. Shantanu Tiwari 3 years ago

    Hello sir,your CA videos helps me a lot in my state pcs preparation thankyou sir

  17. Manoj Sharma 3 years ago

    Kar ke dikhayenge.

  18. RISHI TRIPATHI 3 years ago

    Guruji kuch new start kariya iske alava

  19. vikash ojha 3 years ago

    Maza as gaya

  20. ANSHUMAN ANAND 3 years ago

    Brilliant analysis Sir.

  21. akash srivastava 3 years ago

    Thanks sir for this session

  22. Kanishk rawat 3 years ago

    Sir there is Tremendous difference in my reading of news and ur news content , Thank u sir so much osm

  23. Kanishk rawat 3 years ago

    Allies included Britain, France, Russia, Italy and United States
    Axis Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

  24. manjesh nagwanshi 3 years ago

    great explain thankyou sir,

  25. robin kumar 3 years ago

    2nd April 2019

    1->GST record break collection rupees 1.07 trillion (11 lakh 77 thousand crores) in march

    2017-launched GST ,simplicity,transparency,one nation-one GST(Arvind modi committie)

    2->ISRO makes INDIA proud by launching PSLV-C45 satellite

    i.EMISAT- DRDO survillance equipment,436 kg,placed in 748 km sun-synchronous polar orbit

    ii.Installs satellite in 3 orbits first time and PSLV-C45 becomes satellite for sometime.

    3->7april1994-Rawanda-Genocide-100 days


    8lakh tutushis were killed in this genocide

    4->Record breaking Coal production in India in 5 years by NDA govt

    138.8million ton-UPA govt in 10 years

    144.5million ton-NDA govt in 5 years

    5->Forces of Nature

    Indian Forest Right -2019 may replaces Indian Forest Act-1927(British),Forest Conservation Act-1980

    This new law is not suitable for India.

    total area of India-32 lakh

    FRDI 2017-Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill withdrawn.

    6->Japan prime-minister Shinzo Abe walks past a calligraphic rendering of the term 'Reiwa'

    constitutional monarchy-Japan

    13,14,15th century-Samurais proect japan

    1850s-Commodore Mathew Perri open the ports -Meija Era

    1945-Theroi-akihito-Heisai Era

    Naruhito-son of Akihito-Reiwa-126th emperoer.

    7->Cash Push

    Dollar-rupees swap program,5 billion (35 thousand crore) dollar ,durable liquidity of 3 years by RBI Governer -Shaktikant Dash

    8-> Game of Taxes

    i.Direct tax collection well below revised target

    ii.Govt expected to meet fiscal deficit target of 3.4% of GDP.

    9-> FB takedowns run into controversy

    10->Give Farmers a fair deal

  26. Shekhar Suman 3 years ago

    Like Earth

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