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Current Affairs MCQ – 27 August 2018 from The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Yojana- UPSC/SSC By VeeR


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  1. Manoranjan Mandal 3 years ago

    Pl mention the source of questions I.e. books/magazine/ news papers and page number

  2. vijay kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  3. vijay kumar 3 years ago


  4. vijay kumar 3 years ago

    I am so happy to become part of this family & learn a lot of thing which change my perception to analysis of gernal thing around our envirnment

  5. meenakshi kumari 3 years ago


  6. meenakshi kumari 3 years ago

    Static 2/3

  7. vijay kumar 3 years ago

    Veer sir you always say we should control our angry & aggresiveness , resently i am working in IN Company as Network support . Since long time On daily badis one of my senior are doing misbehave & iritate me saying one thing again again even i complete my all duties and responsibilty witb out any dealy due to which now days my mind is not getting focus on my study . I got more headache & my wish not at all to go to job .

  8. Ambarish choudhary 3 years ago


  9. Pranab Biswal 3 years ago

    7/9-current affairs

  10. Umesh Sharma 3 years ago

    Congrats to everyone.
    Former chairman of DrDo – Dr. S. Christopher

    Thank you sir ..
    Jai Hind
    Abhi ak do din se pdai nhi ho PA rhi so marks ache nhi aa rhe…but I will Increase myself definitely

  11. MCQs- 7/9
    neta inspired by united state

    जय हिन्द

  12. Arjun Singh 3 years ago

    Score:- 5/9

  13. Arjun Singh 3 years ago

    Static 2/2

  14. Adhiraj Sisodia 3 years ago

    S Christopher is former DRDO chairman
    Static 2/2
    MCQ 9/8

  15. Trilok Raj 3 years ago

    Former DRDO chairman was S chistoper and Neta AAP from USA

  16. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Score 8/9.

  17. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago


  18. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Governor president head of state central govt employees cm not asked.

  19. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    35 year.

  20. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    International water colour festival Ranchi.

  21. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Bees wax byproduct candle

  22. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Chairman of DRDO. G SATHEESH REDDY.

  23. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Australia house of Representatives .UK NOT WRITTEN CONSISTUITION.

  24. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Jaffna tamulnadu srilanka.25

  25. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    World first public world bank.

  26. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Agriculture krishi Lucknow.

  27. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    2022 double income. Of farmer.

  28. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago


  29. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Agricultural biodiversity.

  30. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Right to service Right to information act.

  31. Priyawrat Kumar 3 years ago

    Finance commission set up NK SINGH. ARTICLE 280.

  32. SUSHEELKUMAR GAWALI 3 years ago

    # Former Chief of DRDO was S Christopher

    # 10.A NETA app inspired by US's Approval

    # Article 243 State Election Commission for Panchayitiraj

  33. Komal Mansotra 3 years ago

    One more information minimum age of governor of a state should be 35 years but for according to J&K Constitution it should be 30 years

  34. Score 7/9
    10) ans is US

  35. Pankaj Kumar 3 years ago


  36. Santosh Kumar 3 years ago

    Current affairs 8/9
    Static 2/2

  37. Arvind Nishad 3 years ago

    Congratulation sir on 200k subscribers
    Am very lucky to be part of this family

  38. Sonia Moirangthem 3 years ago

    Neta app inspired by usa

  39. Anant Verma 3 years ago


  40. Nitin Chauhan 3 years ago

    4/9 and 1/2

  41. Saumit Agrawal 3 years ago

    Current Score – 2/9, Static Score – 1/2 And Ans – 10(A)

  42. PREETI YADAV 3 years ago

    DRDO Ex chief Dr.S . Christopher , state finance commission 243( I) to (y) article, NETA App approval country USA thanking you sir for this video

  43. Payalba Parmar 3 years ago


  44. Parul Gupta 3 years ago

    Thanks SIr for motivating us…

  45. Passion UPSC 3 years ago


  46. sahil bharti 3 years ago


  47. sahil bharti 3 years ago


  48. sahei sahikh 3 years ago

    6/11 thank you so much sir…

  49. heena Qureshi 3 years ago


  50. nilamber dewangan 3 years ago

    State finance commission article 243I

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