JEE Electrostatics Force continued!!

Topic:- Coulomb’s Law: Role of Medium Explained, Coulomb’s Law definition, Medium/ Dielectric Constant, Limitations of Coulomb’s Law, Past year JEE questions from Electrostatics Force

So what is Coulomb’s Law?
The law states that the magnitude of the electric force between two point charges is directly proportional to the magnitude of the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Watch this Electrostatics session with IITian Vikas Sir to master everything about Coulomb’s law and score full marks in the important Electrostatics chapter!

Please find the session pdf link here –’s+law+-Role+of+medium_WWM.pdf

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  1. Vedantu JEE 3 years ago

    Find the session pdf link here –'s+law+-Role+of+medium_WWM.pdf
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  2. You are the best 🙂☺️😎😍😍

    Love you Sir

  3. soumya Dixit 3 years ago

    Sir ur lectures are really good for jee preparation thanku teacher 😊 🤗

  4. Nibedita Nanda 3 years ago

    Sir, I m unable to solve q no 14 and 15 of the assignment that u gave in the previous lecture. Please help me

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