Filmed by Kittay Cat Copwatch

San Diego Copwatch August 25, 2018
3800 Fairmount ave. City Heights, Mid-City San Diego

#Copwatch #SanDiego #FilmThePolice

Camera: Canon HF G40
Phone {Live}: Samsung Galaxy S9
Microphone/Handle: Sevenoak MicRig
Scanner: Uniden BCD436HP

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United Against Police Terror – San Diego


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  1. graham guitard 3 years ago

    This kind of remind me of a video from way back

  2. John Noxel 3 years ago

    You need to find his boss and let you hem see the video

  3. ispin4u2 3 years ago

    I'm surprised none of the cop watchers mentioned or posted this recent video of a cop shooting

  4. Ive Peters 3 years ago

    Like always, that fake badge has them believing that they actually have power.

  5. Renei Saying 3 years ago


  6. Rent-A-Clown

  7. The very second he makes contact
    HE MUST state his name & ID #
    call and get his California guard card yanked.
    Once he's unemployed
    See what a smart ass he'll be then

  8. Zephyrr Sky 3 years ago

    What an idiot. Omg.

  9. Perdido Atlantic 3 years ago

    What country is this?

  10. its2stroke 3 years ago

    This awesome. People policing their own community.

  11. Michelle Sneed 3 years ago

    Lol… minimum wage law enforcement….robo guard…lol

  12. Did you catch the vid of the security guard who got fired for filming the police officer struggling to apprehend the criminal?
    Security is kind of a laughing stock…dumb asf when they try to do their jobs (unless educated) and damned if they pull a copwatch on the clock

  13. Tommy D. 3 years ago

    You can't reason with someone so obviously dumb and uneducated. Future perfect cop.

  14. All of these rent-a-clown security companies, i.e. this one, Securitas (the WORST), Allied..all very much the same..they hire low-wage, clueless bozos who have no power in their own private lives, so this is their time to flex on people, yet have zero knowledge of the's pathetic and cringe-worthy dealing with them..I pity the fools..

  15. signs of the times 3 years ago

    Who in their right mind entertains an imbecile? Leave them to their own demise.

  16. sketch6995 3 years ago

    Irate, i need some advice, i gave my girls son a hoodie that says "i record cops" last year, today at east middle school in grand junction colorado, the school resource officer told him he cant wear it. He's been wearing it since i gave it too him last year in 6th grade. Where should I start with addressing it? This cop doesnt make kids take off their NRA shirts with a pic of an assault weapon on it, and he also doesnt make kids remove their donald trump make america great again hats. He seems to have a problem with the 1st amendment and cameras in general. Any advice you can give before I just explode on his ass would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  17. The security wants to be a cop but I'm sure he can't qualify for some reason.

  18. Animal Farm 3 years ago

    WTF… Make America Great Again… Bomb EVERYONE and take their “Right” to Freedom and Liberty!
    Save the Planet… Abolish the US Government! Find a Cure for Government, Warmongering, and Liberalism before it KILLS us ALL! We want our REPUBLIC Back!

    Liberty Over Security, Principle Over Party, Truth Over Personality! (KrisAnne Hall)

    Bend Over Sheeple… The Government has a Surprise for You! The Red, White, and Blue TAX & SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, SPY, SPY, SPY, Gun Control, Censorship, "Rights" Erosion & Abuse, and WARMONGERING Weenie!

    Dan Smoot #514 – America's Promise –
    Dan Smoot #575 – Foreign Aid –
    Dan Smoot #528 – Power Hungry Bureaucrats –
    Dan Smoot #447 – Federal Firearms Legislation (1964-Mar-16) –
    Judge Andrew Napolitano on Trump –
    Rep. Thomas Massie on Shakedowns, Cronyism

    Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government
    Part 2: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer, Exposes Shadow Government
    Part 3: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer and Whistleblower

    America: Freedom to Fascism –
    The Gospel According to Government (Larken)-
    Thank the Troops for What? (Larken) –
    Cops Are Cowards (Larken) –
    Socialism: Expectation vs. Reality (Larken) –
    National Security (Larken) –
    The Fringe Cult of Peaceful Coexistence?(Larken) –
    Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (Larken) –
    What's So Bad About Nazis? (Larken) –
    How They See You (Larken) –
    This Insidious Bill Already Passed –
    All These Cops Committed Crimes You Would NOT Believe –
    Are Cops REALLY the GOOD GUYS?!? A Logical Look –
    Honest Government Advert | President Trump –
    Honest Government Ad | Trickledown Economics –
    Honest FCC Advert | Net Neutrality –

    Killed by Police –

  19. Mall cop

  20. ADreviews76 3 years ago

    that guy has just 2 more days of work he is gone from there

  21. sniperhat1 3 years ago

    Yes,security guards are some stupid bastards.

  22. John Hoon 3 years ago

    he got a Napoleon complex that badge too heavy for wearing

  23. Put that uniform on a crash test dummy would be more useful

  24. His camera knows Judo.

  25. julie brinko 3 years ago

    I love that heavy set chick! She knows her shit!!!you go girl!!!

  26. Pondbass Yup 3 years ago

    People are not humans anymore… simple… I stay to myself

  27. MEXICAN PEDRAZA 3 years ago


  28. MiMo MoMi 3 years ago

    you all, make a great Job, you have Honor in your Heard. A.C.A HURENSÖHNE and the wannabes Cops ².

  29. Sarah Smile 3 years ago

    Moron! Good one, Kittay Cat! Much love from Michigan! ✌💞👍

  30. Lockie Miller 3 years ago

    bao out

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