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Conduction, Convection, and Radiation – Heat Transfer (Chapter 24): IIT JEE Class 11 Physics.

Here we describe the topic as, Conduction, Convection, and Radiation from chapter Heat Transfer of IIT JEE Class 11 physics.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is the physical act of thermal energy being exchanged between two systems by dissipating heat.
Temperature and the flow of heat are the basic principles of heat transfer.

The amount of thermal energy available is determined by the temperature, and the heat flow represents the movement of thermal energy.


Conduction transfers heat via direct molecular collision. An area of greater kinetic energy will transfer thermal energy to an area with lower kinetic energy.

Higher-speed particles will collide with slower speed particles. The slower-speed particles will increase in kinetic energy as a result.
Conduction is the most common form of heat transfer and occurs via physical contact.

Cross-section and path of travel both play an important part in conduction. The greater the size and length of an object, the more energy that’s required to heat it.

And the greater the surface area that’s exposed, the more heat is lost. Smaller objects with small cross-sections have minimal heat loss.


When a fluid, such as air or a liquid, is heated and then travels away from the source, it carries the thermal energy along. This type of heat transfer is called convection.
The fluid above a hot surface expands, becomes less dense, and rises


Thermal radiation generates the emission of electromagnetic waves. These waves carry the energy away from the emitting object.

Radiation occurs through a vacuum or any transparent medium (either solid or fluid). Thermal radiation is the direct result of random movements of atoms and molecules in matter.
Movement of the charged protons and electrons results in the emission of electromagnetic radiation.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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