Combined 8 Bank Senior officer MCQ MATH SOLUTION
Exam Date: 31-08-2018


41. There are 3 green, 4 orange and 5 white color bulbs in a bag. If a bulb is picked at random, what is the probability of having either a green or a white bulb?
42. A motor-cycle covers 40km with a speed of 20km/hr. find the speed of motor-cycle for the next 40km journey so that the average speed of the whole journey will be 30km/hr?
43. With a uniform speed, a car covers a distance in 8 hours. Had the speed been increased by 4km/hr, the same distance could be covered by 7 hours and 30minutes. What is the distance covered?
44. The respective ratio between the speed of a car, a train and a bus is 5:9:4. The average speed of the car, bus and train is 72km/hr together. What is the average speed of the car and the train together?
45. A, B and C are partners of a company. During a particular year A receives one-third of the profit, B receives one-fourth of the profit and C receives the remaining Tk5000. How much did A receive?
46. The average of a group of 15 employee is 24 years. If 5 more employees join in the group, the average age increases by 2 years. Find the average age of the new employees?
47. By selling 32 guavas for TK.30 a man loss 25%. How many guavas should be sold for Tk.18 to gain 20% of profit in the transection?
48. A sold a watch to B at a gain of 20% and B sold it to C at a loss of 10%. If C bought the watch for TK 216, at what price did A purchase it?
49. A square is inscribed in a circle of diameter of 2a and another square is circumscribing circle. The difference between the area are of outer and inner square is– ?
50. The average of three number x,y,z is 45. x is greater than the average of y and z by 9. The average of y and z is greater than y by 2. Then the difference of x and z is—
51. A boat travel with a speed of 10km/hr in still water. If the speed of stream is 3km/hr then find time taken by boat to travel 52km downstream.
52. Rahima can row 16km/hr in still water. It takes her thrice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the difference between her speed in still water and that of stream.
53. A train leaves a station A at 7am and reaches another station B at 11am. Another train leaves B at 8am and reaches A at 11.30am. The two train crosses one another at— ?
54. A train 150m long crosses a milestone in 15seconds and crosses another train of the same length in the opposite direction in 12seconds. The speed of second train in km/hr is—?
55. There are two numbers in the ratio of 4:5. If 4 is subtracted from both numbers the ratio becomes 3:4. What will be the ratio of 4 if added in the both numbers?
56. The income of ‘A’ is 20% higher than of ‘B’. The income of B is 25% less than of ‘C’. What percent less is A’s income from C’s income?
57. The ratio of two number is 7:4. If 8 is added to both the number ratio becomes 13:8, what is the smaller number?
58. A and B can do a work in 12days. B can do the work in 18days. In how many days A can complete the 2/3 of the same work?
59. A is twice as good as B and together they finish a piece of work in 16days. The number of days taken by A lone to finish the work is –?
60. A box contains 5 pink, 3 green and 2 yellow balls. Three balls are picked up randomly. What is the probability that none of the ball drown is green?


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