Here Arvind sir discussed about 26 important points for CLAT 2019 Mathematics. These points are helpful to increase score of mathematics in clat.

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  1. VIkas Singh 3 years ago

    Sir make vedio on english

  2. Make video for English and legal please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. DANISH ALI 3 years ago

    Good one.
    Keep it up 😀

  4. Ankita Choudhary 3 years ago

    The summary of the video is i.e. 26 magical points:
    1) Concentrate on the language of the word problems.Revise the BODMAS rules, identities and exponent rules.
    2)In Time and Work,Pipes and cisterns use method in which you are comfortable i.e. fraction and LCM method.
    3)First find per day work of worker for which question is asking.Filling pipes are positive and emptying pipes are negative.
    4)First find per day work of workers.
    5)Use MD/W formula for Men Women questions.
    6)Learn percentage to fraction table from 1/2 to 1/20.
    Difference between"to" and "by" in percentage changes.(to -result ,by-change).
    7)You should know where assume total value 💯 or X.
    Relation of Profit/Loss to CP,same
    as Discount to MRP.
    8) Don't learn many shortcut in profitloss.You may forget in exam.
    Practice questions on Markup- Discount,False weight concepts.
    9) Always use approximation in Data Interpretation.In complex calculations do not find exact answer.
    10)Always take difference of same quantity in all three mixture in allegation method.
    Example:Either water or milk.
    11)Remind multiple replacements formula.
    12)Sum-Principle,Amount.A sum of money become this-Amount.

    Don't solve Compound Interest with traditional methods,use shortcut.
    13)If Time and Rate are constant-SI constant.
    14)Learn SI-CI difference related formula for 2 and 3 years.
    Don't confuse b/w average and relative speed.
    15) Relative speed to directions is different in trains and boats.
    In meetings,journey time is constant.
    16)Learn Area and perimeter formula for geometry,surface area and volume formula and mensuration.
    17)Learn how to solve combination for probability.
    18)P=Favourable outcome/Total
    19)Learn AP sum and Nth term formula.
    20)In average questions if one person is replaced with other ,then number of members are not change but average changes.
    21)Learn angle formula for clocks.
    22) Capital×time=Profit.(Ratio and Proportion)
    23)Find list of units and what ratios you will get in allegation.
    24)To find capacity,find time of pipe for which rate is given.
    25)Few questions may be time taking of simplification so attempt these questions in last.
    26) Filling pipes are positive and emptying pipes are negative.

    Try miscellaneous questions in rest 40 to 50 days.Focus most on the revision of each section.Try to give 1.5-2 hours daily to CLAT maths.
    Solve all previous year papers.

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