Circular Motion for IIT-JEE Physics | IIT Class 11 XI | Video Lecture in Hindi
Topics covered in this video are as follows-

Ex on average acc., Angular variables theory- Theory with examples, Angular variables in arbitarry motion, Ref. frame and ex, Uniform Circular Motion, Centripetal Force, Non-Uniform CM- Theory by Ex 2,Friction and CM, Centrifugal Force, Banking of roads, Radius of Curvature- Radius of Curvature, Axial Vector, Well of death, Theory by ex., circular motion physics 12, circular motion physics, circular motion iit jee, Rotational Motion, Motion of System of Particles, Circular Motion, Curvilinear Motion

playlist of circular motion

link to second video lecture

thanks a lot keep watching


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  1. this is my first video, plz like comment and share it……plzzz share and encourage me to make more videos

  2. Nishant 3 years ago


  3. AKASH VERMA 3 years ago

    3:41 "kya ho jayega bhai, bolo jara", ekdam coaching class waali feeling aa gayi bhai, badhiya 👍

  4. Atash Imran 3 years ago

    Good job keep it up 👌

  5. SWATI KUMARI 3 years ago

    Nice video
    Good job

  6. Yakub Ansari 3 years ago

    Best of luck bhai

  7. MD OSAMA KHAN 3 years ago

    Mashallah brother keep it up….!!!!!

  8. Himanshu Singh 3 years ago

    Increase font size and use more papers otherwise excellent explaination

  9. Suprit Beck 3 years ago

    keep it up bro

  10. ANISH AKHTAR 3 years ago

    11th class ke sachin sir ki filling aa gyi

  11. tausif ansari 3 years ago

    You outdid yourself Today!
    Was thinking to deride but anyway. Keep it going.

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