On popular demand, Master Teacher and Class 11 Physics Expert for JEE Main & Advanced and NEET, Namo Kaul Sir, is taking a class on Circular Motion to discuss some of the amazing techniques to solve trickiest questions quickly.

You can enrol for a full 2 hour Master Class on Circular Motion for IIT JEE Main & Advanced and NEET 2019 for the tricks & shortcuts, to become a pro at all circular motion related problems, by clicking here –

Topics Namo Sir is covering in the Complete Master Class of 2 hours on :

– Centrifugal Force
– Centripetal Force
– Circular Motion
– Angular Velocity
– Angular Acceleration
– Centripetal Acceleration
– Banking Of Road
– Uniform circular motion
– Angular Displacement
– Critical Velocity
– Tangential Acceleration
– Motion in a Vertical Circle
– Conical Pendulum
– Banking of Road with Friction

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– Get an instant resolution to all your underlying doubts, all by just a quick registration to our impressive live sessions.
– Our Exam modules, guiding you towards an enjoyable venture for Competitive Exams Preparation like IIT-JEE, as never before.
– Our belief in prioritising all the topics and sub-topics can get the things easier and less time taking.
– The Circular Motion of CBSE Class 11 Chapter 5 physics examples are also helpful in solving NCERT Book questions with accurate solutions.


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  1. Akshat Shah 3 years ago

    Pls allow to download

  2. Akshat Shah 3 years ago

    I see when I m free

  3. U. Y 3 years ago

    Great sir

  4. M.Ninad Suryaksha 3 years ago

    Sir Rotational Dynamics plzzz

  5. Swag Studies 3 years ago

    Sir centre of mass impulse momentum….plzzzzzzz

  6. Ravneet Kaur 3 years ago

    Can we get notes of live lecture

  7. jatin kumar shakya 3 years ago

    Sir thoda wada likha karo word sahi se smaj nhi ate

  8. rohan garg 3 years ago

    sir please add a paytm option

  9. rohan garg 3 years ago

    i am unable to enroll

  10. M.Ninad Suryaksha 3 years ago

    Sir wht is the difference between..
    Angular and centripetal acceleration

  11. M.Ninad Suryaksha 3 years ago

    Sir why v^2/r

  12. Anurag Chavan 3 years ago

    Plz upload master class of SHM

  13. ASISH KUMAR MONDAL 3 years ago

    sir plz can u make a video on rotational motion

  14. ASISH KUMAR MONDAL 3 years ago

    a small course on rotational motion as i am in problems

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