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  1. Rohit Xarma 3 years ago

    Thanx sir 😊😊

  2. aman sharma 3 years ago

    Upload 2-3 videos per day of pcm

  3. Rohit Xarma 3 years ago

    Trending topic

  4. Dhruv Sharma 3 years ago

    Semiconductor please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Pratik Kumar 3 years ago


  6. Deepak Soni 3 years ago

    Subscriber 149149 what a conincident

  7. Writing visible nhi ho raha h

  8. Akhil Pathania 3 years ago

    Sound quality

  9. Abhishek Verma 3 years ago

    Thanks sir…..

  10. Shahid Ahmad 3 years ago


  11. sushil panjor 3 years ago

    Wa gujjar wa

  12. rekha sapkal 3 years ago

    Sir please work on the quality of the video
    Content is great but a video is not doing justice to the content….

  13. udathu saikiran 3 years ago

    Please make video on environmental chemistry, hydrogen, surface chemistry.
    Thank you soo much sir.

  14. Rahul Pavan 3 years ago


  15. Vaishnavi Sawai 3 years ago

    sir maths ki videos upload krr do ,atleast quadratic eqs toh compete krr do….

  16. Rakesh kumar 3 years ago

    51 min. Wah sirji👌👌

  17. Rakesh kumar 3 years ago

    Sir Saumya mam ka kya hua kuch to krva do agle znm me aap log 117 saal jiyoge

  18. PRASHANT KUMAR 3 years ago

    Thore aur adds daal do…bahut kum hai..😡

  19. Naman Rathod 3 years ago

    Sound quality is not good

  20. Bantai Rapper Yo Yo 3 years ago

    Sir please correct audio quality

  21. Pradeep Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir please communication..

  22. Please like this video, Your one like give us more motivation to work hard !

  23. Pradeep Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir Speak is not clear

  24. Saket Thota 3 years ago

    Sir plzz make a video on ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY and thank you so much sir…

  25. Vashu Maurya 3 years ago

    Sir environmental chemistry pls….

  26. Ashish Singh 3 years ago

    Sound quality plz improve
    Kuch bhi smj nahi aya😢😢😢

  27. Amisha Das 3 years ago

    Sir cimetidine toh antacids hai na

  28. Sheen Sapru 3 years ago

    Bahut badiya padhaya kasam se

  29. Yash Agarwal 3 years ago

    Solid state me defect wala portion

  30. Nancy choudhary 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  31. RAGHAV SINGHAL 3 years ago

    What happen at 44.11

  32. Amar kumar 3 years ago

    Sir defect in solid

  33. Amar kumar 3 years ago

    Thik hai..

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