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In this session of 15 Days Sprint to JEE Main 2019, Chemistry Mastermind and Master Teacher at Vedantu, Abhilash Sir takes you through the crucial concepts of Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium which play a pivotal role in the last few days revision of JEE Main. Learn the in and out of Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium JEE mains topics such as Gibbs free energy, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Van’t Hoff equation and so on like never-before with the legendary Abhilash Sir.

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This session will mainly be around Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium Chemistry Revision for JEE, as it is very Important and scoring in IIT JEE Main’s last few days’ revision. In today’s session, Abhilash sir will talk about crucial concepts like Titration, salt hydrolysis and pH acid and base and JEE Chemistry Tricks. Get a thorough clarification of all the concepts that entail in Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium Class 11 IIT JEE questions.

Learn to solve Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium problems for JEE Main in a detailed stepwise method. Chemistry for JEE Mains becomes very easy if you are clear with all the basic concepts thoroughly.

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If you are an IIT JEE aspirant, you must be thorough with Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium class 11 IIT JEE concepts and even if you are not familiar – no need to worry! In this session, you will get to learn a plethora of concepts along with Chemistry shortcut Tricks and Ionic Equilibrium JEE Mains Tricks as it will immensely help you to identify the pattern of questions. In this session, you will find important concepts’ explanation like pH of acids and base, buffers and indicators, solubility product Ksp and so on which you can bring into use in your JEE Main 2019 Chemistry Revision.


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    Very nice sir Thora hindi bhi bolea

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    Thoda slow mein boliye please,unable to grasp clearly

  4. Sir is running like an express…

  5. Harshit Darji 3 years ago

    Your explanation is amazing

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  7. NC Gamer 3 years ago

    Wow im honestly disappointed… All questions have been directly picked up from FIITJEE jee main questions book. Where they provide ~20 questions per chapter. You picked all the same problems with the exception of maybe a couple.

  8. Joe Gamez 3 years ago

    what is happening?? The answers are not even corresponding to the options??

  9. Prithwish Das 3 years ago

    nice best explanation…..u r best sir

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    Very good explanation sir

  11. Sir can u please do the chapter ' solution'

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    Congrats in advance for 100 K
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    You are great
    This video is very helpful for me

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    Take more questions

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    Ionic ka full video lecture utube pe nahi mil raha

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