1. Amino acids
2. Types of Amino acids
3. Reactions in biological systems
4. Magic 20
5. unique amino acids
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  1. Mitali Singh 2 years ago

    sir your cammandos believe on you .

  2. Nana Kakde 2 years ago

    Lactose= Glucose +Galactose
    Sucrose= Glucose +Fructose
    Raffinose= Glucose + Galactose + Fructose. 😊
    EDTA – Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid. ☺

  3. Siddhant Agnihotri 2 years ago

    Lactose=Glucose+ Galactose ( b 14 glycosidic bond)
    Sucrose= Glucose + Fructose (a12 glycosidic bond)
    Raffinose = glucose +Galactose+ Fructose >>>>> Oligosaccharides. >>>>>> Found in Sugarbeet

  4. Nana Kakde 2 years ago

    ☺Thank you sir 🙏💕☺

  5. Hitesh Bainsla 2 years ago

    Thanku guruji

  6. Hitesh Bainsla 2 years ago

    Bilkul guruji aap kuch bhi bol skte ho

  7. Commando reporting sir 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳1.Lactose – Glucose+Galactose
    2.Sucrose- Glucose+Fructose
    3. Raffinose is a trisacharide made up of Glucose+Galactose+Fructose
    4. EDTA – Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

  8. Rahul Kumar 2 years ago

    No speed

  9. Neha Surbhi 2 years ago

    Sorry sir I am late .. luctose is the components of glucose and galactose , sucrose is the components of glucose and fructose, raffinose is the components of glucose fructose and galactose . It is a trisacchrides found in sweet beet

  10. Alka Khandekar 2 years ago

    Earthworm kha se aya 😂😂….
    Commander 👮👮

  11. Abhishek Rai 2 years ago

    Raffinose – trisaccharide, lactose – galactose + glucose, sucrose – glucose+ fructose

  12. Arun jdodwal 2 years ago


  13. SK J 2 years ago

    I also used to think that geetendra sir is teaching annoying topics last year but I understood if you does not believe other who believe in you then no one can stop you from falling

  14. Parvez Alam 2 years ago


  15. Arun jdodwal 2 years ago

    Full form of EDTA= Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

  16. Aliya Khan 2 years ago

    Glucose + galactose
    Raffinose is an ologosachride. Glucose+ fructose + glucose

  17. Bharat Ranjan 2 years ago

    Lactose= Glucose+Glactose

  18. Daraksha Ahmed 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  19. Priyanka Sharma 2 years ago

    sir you are the best teacher and my favourite teacher thank u so much sir for this quality education

  20. LAKSHAY GARG 2 years ago

    Lactose= glucose + glucose
    Sucrose= glucose + fructose
    Raffinose= Glucose +galactose+Fructose.

  21. Nikhil Kapgate 2 years ago

    Lactose -glucose+ galactose
    Sucrose- glucose+fructose

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