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Manraj Singh Sra, AIR 4 AIIMS Delhi shares his views about
AIIMS/NEET exam preparation and explains how anybody can easily avoid some Common Mistakes done while preparing PCB.

First of all in Biology, it is diffcult to remember different names,examples, cycles etc. only way is to revise NCERT as much as possible. NCERT
is the primary book. Secondly, focus on diagrams and work on every details of it. Another problem arises is while prepaing for Organic Chemistry, students often skip steps
while doing re-arrangements or cannot anticipate the major Product, so the only solution to it is practicing more also same thing is applied for inoraganic chemsitry as well.
In physical Chemistry, calculations are the major part so again more the practice more the perfection one can achieve. Now in Physics, formula and calculations are most important
part so analyse the question before you reach to final conclusion and if you are not sure about the option then check for the calculations and
formula applied until you get the correct answer. Keep units and values of constants at your fingertips then only one can solve numericals of physics and chemistry with an ease.

Mistakes to avoid in NEET 2019| Best Tips| How to Crack NEET 2019

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    Please tell about any good books for aiims preparation

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    Moral of the story is pdh lo or videos dekh krr time waste MTT kro

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  16. Nitin Pandey 3 years ago

    Real preparation of neet and aiims is much easier and simpler than we think. It's waste of time to watch these type of videos.all they suggest same thing which we already know.

  17. Binoy Mandal 3 years ago

    Is he crying??
    I can see a drop of tear.

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    Hope you reply me for one more blow…
    Coundn't find you on comment section so writing here girl!!!

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    If a person like this gets aiims.I dont know what i deserve then .I was awarded laptop for my IQ last month.Still getting AIIMS delhil seems tough.

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