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  1. Extra J 3 years ago

    I'll have to go back and see about that block that was used. Myself and another have results that match Sly's flat Earth model results. So there have been more than one. Flat earth data did some odd calculations, and I am curious why the bottom of your coin was disappearing as you moved it away. I wonder if either your camera wasn't at the correct height, or your table isn't straight.

  2. Awareness 3 years ago

    Looking at these IR images with such clarity reminds me of the such high res antique photos you see… using "primitive technology"…

  3. Gary Wright 3 years ago

    Very good and very funny Antonio 😂😂😂

  4. Spake Face 3 years ago

    Globlings are the absolute masters of Failure! Fake Flearf's are the apprentices. Lol

  5. Noh_D 3 years ago

    Dwayne claimed that point about the ir of water and the space.

  6. Janne Laitinen 3 years ago

    That footage matches view from same observation point in Google Earth. It shows exactly the amount of mountain globe model predicts. So, no this doesn't prove flat pixie land. If you don't believe go watch Tim's or Sly's video.

  7. Florence Gomer 3 years ago

    1:00:20 The celestial sphere is 360 degrees in every direction with roughly half over your head and roughly half below your feet. The diagram acknowledges that for an observer at altitude, they will see more than 180 degrees of sky and that celestial objects will therefore rise earlier and set later than for an observer at sea level. We see this effect with mountain tops being the first to be illuminated at sunrise and the last to go into darkness at sunset.

    We can measure the distance to the sun. Simple trigonometry of a transit of mercury or venus is one such method.

    1:30:30 The diagram is not to scale. The real angles are very small.

  8. Dualius 39 3 years ago

    Great vid:)

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