A video Explaining a Problem on AM & GM, useful for IIT JEE, (JEE Main and JEE Advanced), NDA, IPU CET, and CBSE Class XI.

(1) Check Tricky Sum on Logarithms at

(2) Check Tricky Qs on Trigo. Functions at

(3) Definite Integrals Series :
◆ Check Sixth part of Definite Integrals, with a tricky sum, at
◆ Check Fifth part of Definite Integrals, for the Proof of Prop.7 at
◆ Check the Fourth part, for the Proof of the Properties 1 to 6 at
◆ Check the Definite Integrals – 3 at
◆ Check the Definite Integrals – 2 at
◆ Check Definite Integrals – 1 at

(4) Check Qs on Integrals Substitution Method at

(5) Check Qs on De Moivre’s Theorem (Complex Nos.) at

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