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  1. Vishal Bhayn 3 years ago

    Hmare yha to furn no khaya jata h es ke kale kale hair jese hote h ese saf krke eska sbji bnaya jata h

  2. Miss Shaikh 3 years ago

    Term glossopodium is associated with basal part of ligule on leaf of selaginella 😊

  3. Yoshita Shitole 3 years ago

    glassopodium term is basal part of ligule of selaginella

  4. Paragika Rajput 3 years ago

    glassopodium is related to ligulated leaces of selaginella

  5. Naresh Kumar 3 years ago

    Base of ligule in leaf

  6. Angraj Muniya 3 years ago

    Plz Commandos "Balbiani rings" ke bare me batoge ….. Plzz

  7. Saurabh Sahgal 3 years ago

    glossopodium is related with legule

  8. Deep Kamra 3 years ago

    leaf legule

  9. Raunu Diwan 3 years ago

    Sorus and sori alag alag hai ki ak hi hai sir

  10. tabasum sheikh 3 years ago

    base of ligule in leaf

  11. Monika Shaw 3 years ago

    Ligulated leaf associated with glassopodium.

  12. mukund prajapati 3 years ago

    glasopodium in sileginella present in ligule base of leaves

  13. Akanksha Lakhera 3 years ago

    Term glassopodium associated -rhizophora

  14. moon light 3 years ago

    Selaginella leaf upper surface liqule is related with glassopodium.

  15. Leaf ligule

  16. Raunu Diwan 3 years ago

    Thanchu sir ji

  17. Naresh Kumar 3 years ago

    How spore is first cell of gametophyte generation please help me iI am not able to understand

  18. Ankit Chandani 3 years ago

    Glassopodium basal part of selaginella

  19. Ram Narayan 3 years ago

    Sry sir for late ..glassopdium is concerned with ligule of selaginella

  20. mukund prajapati 3 years ago

    thanks sir

  21. Shubhans Chouhan 3 years ago

    Base of ligul in selaginell

  22. Mohit Vekariya 3 years ago

    Glossopodium reletive with ligule in leaf of selaginella

  23. Glassopodium is the hemispherical structure which is related to the ligule of the leaf of Selaginella
    Ligule is the tongue like structure present on adaxial part of leaf

  24. Amarjyoti Kumar Sah 3 years ago

    Glassopodium-the hemispherical basal part of ligule of seleginella

  25. rahul kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks Sir

  26. Naaz Ali Khan 3 years ago

    Sir I want to give your online test now…plz sir help me sir…I really want to give test….

  27. Palak Tiwari 3 years ago

    Sir algae or fungi me embryo kyu nhi bnta

  28. Muskan Kumari 3 years ago

    Sir mera aaj ka test bahut hi kharab gya itna phle nhi hua or jayada questions usi chapter se the jiske lectures complete krne ke liye bache the sir mujhe bahut hi bura lag rha h or Mai bahut hi stressed feel kr rhi sir it's a request to u that plz.. help me that what will I do…. Plz plz

  29. Samiya Parween 3 years ago

    Kinka test acha gyaa aj kaa??

  30. Yash Verma 3 years ago

    ligule of leaf has glassopodium

  31. Sambhu Yadav 3 years ago

    Glassopodium is basal part of ligule.

  32. Rahul Chavan 3 years ago

    ligule there part of glossopodium

  33. Maxvell Ranoxi 3 years ago

    The term glasspodium associated leaf of lingual of selaginella

  34. Suraj Kumar Behera 3 years ago

    glassopodium is the sheath on lower side of ligule

  35. Vishal Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Gallsopodium is present as a sheath of ligule in leaf of selaginella

  36. ritika jadaun 3 years ago

    Sir I want to join Fmc

  37. Samra Naaz 3 years ago

    sir extra stroke me btate h ye sb note kre ya only smjh le plzz btaye mai aksar isi me confuse rhti hu plzzzz plzz anyone tell me k mai kya kru

  38. Balwant Kumar 3 years ago

    Glassopodium sheth present in leaf

  39. Gymnosperm

  40. monashwini 777 3 years ago

    Glassopodium – ligule in leaf of selaginella

  41. Soorya dev Singh 3 years ago

    Ligule of leaf

  42. Deelip Palaiya 3 years ago

    Glossopodium is the basal part of ligule

  43. H.R Fatima 3 years ago

    Answer. Ligule in leaf of selaginella hhh

  44. Nancy Ansari 3 years ago

    Glassopodium is associated with ligule of selaginella

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