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  1. Santosh Shrivastav 3 years ago

    How old are you sir

  2. Akash Rungta 3 years ago

    Sir helicase enzyme se hydrogen bond break hota hai aur dna separate hota hai…but aapne sirf use unwinding ke lie bola hydrgen bond ke lie aapne topoisomerase bataya hai….
    I m confused plzz sir bataiyega

  3. Mithun Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir please explain dps 136 also during next lecture becoz some questions are confusing. Plz sir.

  4. Shilpi Kumari 3 years ago

    Sir mere ncert mai..fructose likha hai.😷😨

  5. saurav Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir hum tooo d hi lgaey thye

  6. Dipti Prakash 3 years ago

    thank you sir

  7. B.B. Bharti 3 years ago

    Jab Sabhi tissue Ke Paas capillaries nahi pahunch pati Hai to exchange of gases directly tissue to capillaries kyo bataya jata Hai.
    Please about.

  8. Ishtaq hussain butt 3 years ago

    Thank u sir

  9. Laiba Akhlak 3 years ago

    Good afternoon Sir… Sir actually one thing i want to know that 's very serious please tell me sir my mother has been suffering from skin allergy for 6 years and sir she developed allergy from perfume smell many food items dust, and many more things sometimes i become shocked that her body is responding to even pity little things.Her skin get swell and she feels itchy…Sir is there any solution for that.. Even her body respond to allopathic medicine as well.. Due to allergy she could not travel to long distances.. She could not take many food items…sir please tell if their is any solution and sir she was telling that long allergic reactions laed to asthma as u already tell so sir how she ckuld be protected from that

  10. Sajjad 2 3 years ago

    6.53 sir Mere NCERT mein glucose ki jagah fructose Diya hua h. Aur carrier protein ki jagah pe carrier oins like sodium + Diya h.
    Bata dijiye kya sahi rahega

  11. Mintu Das 3 years ago

    Sir sabhi chapters jo hogya Usa Key Points Provide kijeye.
    thank you sir

  12. bushra khan 3 years ago

    I am salute sir 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  13. Sweety Sharma 3 years ago

    Sorry sir main late ho gayi😔 kyoki main avi 5 min. Pahle school aayi hun aur mera test exam 1 Nov. Se h 🤕
    Thanku sir .

  14. Joydeb Garai. 3 years ago

    sir, my one of my relatives undergoes splenectomy due to bus-accident, but now she is well. Will there be any problem in immune system as spleen is the largest lymphatic gland?

  15. Joydeb Garai. 3 years ago

    sir, in the lymphatic system we saw that there are several lymph nodes present in the lymph-network. In case of any infection, In the lymph nodes, the pathogen are stored so that, lymph nodes are swollen. How the lymph nodes ejects out its contained inflamed pathogen naturally? (as the lymph prevent that pathogen to mix with blood so that it can be removed by Kidney?)

  16. I khan 3 years ago

    Thank you so much sir …..

  17. I khan 3 years ago

    Bilkul thik kaha sir aapne ab Ni pdte h to bht bura lagta h. Addicted ho gye h

  18. Sadhana Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Sir New n cert se study kare ya fir no hai usse

  19. Sadhana Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Aur old ncert se

  20. komal sarpota 3 years ago

    Sir I join from last Sunday but now I attain daily coaching

  21. Aquib zafar 3 years ago

    hello sir

  22. Satyanarayan Maurya 3 years ago

    Tqqqq sir

  23. Altamash Shaikh 3 years ago

    Thanks sir
    You are the best teacher in the world.

  24. sushil jaiswal 3 years ago

    Sir what is difference between hemolysis and clumping of RBC???

  25. saurav Kumar 3 years ago

    Sirr dps 134 may question 3. *A person with blood group A can be given blood of which group

    (a) A and B

    (b) B and O

    (c) A and O

    (d) A, B, AB and O
    Eskka answer (c) kysye hoo ga. O too universal donor hi na orr woo sirf o blood grp waaley person say hi blood ley skta hi. Sir. I am confused syad dps may mistake hoo gya hii

  26. Ashwini Zine 3 years ago

    Sry sir I'm let b'cos meri exam shuru thi . sir D-DNA left handed bhi ho sakta h kya .

  27. Suraj Kumar Behera 3 years ago

    i have difficulty in 3 questions of dps 136 ( on blood clotting) there is few questions like which clotting factor activate thrombin…..In the extrinsic clotting pathway the active factor VII activates factors…………..Which is correct for the formation of intrinsic factor X activator complex for blood coagulation…… not discussed in lecture..

  28. Latika Singh 3 years ago

    Thankyou sir

  29. sheetal chahal 3 years ago

    Thank u sir😇

  30. Pratyush Gharate 3 years ago

    Respected Sir I have a query….if I purchase the subscription in December will I get the previous DPSs and tests???

  31. Mr. Sheikh 3 years ago

    Sir my friend FOFO is your great fan

  32. preeti Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir DPS 137 me question 9 which is cell fragment ques samagh nahi aaya plz explain it sir

  33. Sachin Mirase 3 years ago

    sir me aapke classes se bohot impress huu…lekin aap jab video ke bich me commando ke general problems explain kar te ho to concentration hat jata he plz…plz..plz.. sir video thaoda sort banaye PLZ…PLZ..JAYDEEP PATIL

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