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Comments are closed.

  1. Saachi Gupta 2 years ago

    Amazing….. today’s lecture was the best lecture ever…..

  2. rahul kumar 2 years ago

    Aids virus. Is responsible for this

  3. rahul kumar 2 years ago

    Thanks Sir

  4. abhishekpriya 2 years ago


  5. Dr. Amjad ali 2 years ago

    AIDS-(HIV) Jo immunity per attack kar ta hai

  6. Amul Sharma 2 years ago

    Thank you sir
    Ans. Human immuno deficiency virus destroy cells of immune system

  7. SP Dewangan 2 years ago

    Answer – HIV virus

  8. Dr.Govind *SBBM 2 years ago

    Human immuno virus6

  9. Yashaswi Sahu 2 years ago

    HIV is the virus which attacks on immune system.. and causes AIDS

  10. Manish Mishra 2 years ago

    HIV virus fail the immune system

  11. Kaif Osmani 2 years ago

    Sir HIV virus immune system destroy karta hai

  12. aakash chokan 2 years ago

    Hiv virus retro virus

  13. Anchal Kumari 2 years ago

    HIV virus is the ans sir

  14. South-Indian Jatt 2 years ago

    Great imagination sir…Thank you

  15. South-Indian Jatt 2 years ago

    HIV virus attack on Our immunity system and also causes Aids- an uncurable disease ……But after some times it is completely possible…. Because our Scientist are great and they ary trying to find the medical treatment…

  16. Ritika Singh 2 years ago

    HIV That cause AIDS

  17. Ankit Raut 2 years ago

    Thank you sir

  18. Sunaina Dhiman 2 years ago

    Sir mast cell Ka concept nhi smjh AA rha ki ye kha pe present Hoti hai or chemical isko kaise attract krte hai histamine ko release krne ke liye

  19. TANUSHK ARORA 2 years ago

    Hiv virus

  20. Sumit Kumar 2 years ago


  21. shreya pandey 2 years ago

    HIV virus that causes AIDS

  22. vishnu prajapat 2 years ago

    Sir , innet mai complementary system kya hota hai?

  23. Manish Prajapati 2 years ago

    Sir HIV virus which causes AIDS & attacks on helper T- LYMPH CELLS

  24. ahmad naveed 2 years ago

    Nxt tym when you'll visit I'll take your baggage at SRX airport

  25. Ramesh Bagaria 2 years ago

    HIV virus

  26. meena Singh 2 years ago

    I am your big fan sir ji

  27. Vivek Anand 2 years ago

    HIV virus h ans sir

  28. ashvini barwal 2 years ago

    😂😂😂☝️🐒Sir lagta he aapka lecture kahbii khatm hi na hoo… ❤️ 😘🙏👍👍👍👍👍🌸🌸

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