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  1. Prabesh Kumar 2 years ago

    As per histogen theory proposed by Hainsten calyptrogen is the 4th histogen from which root cap is formed

  2. Lakhan Choudhary 2 years ago

    Sir private candidate 2019exam nhi de psyege kya

  3. Kanza Khan 2 years ago

    thank you so much sir

  4. Rahul Saini 2 years ago


  5. Soumya Ghosh 2 years ago

    1. collenchyma
    2. collenchyma
    3. callyptrogen- protect root
    3. subsiduary cells

  6. madiha fatma 2 years ago

    Living mechanical tissue of plant and
    Absent in roots collenchyma
    Cover guard cell – subsidiary cell

  7. Shipra Bhardwaj 2 years ago

    Q: a person contain 100mature bacteria pencilene injection was give to him. What may happen?
    1) bacteria population become zero
    2) bacteria population remain same
    3) bacteria population will increase
    4) bacteria population will decrease

  8. Mahek Nayani 2 years ago

    living mechanical tissue of plant collenchyma

  9. Mahek Nayani 2 years ago

    collenchyma not found in root & monocot

  10. Mahek Nayani 2 years ago

    calyptrogen jaha se root cap origin hota he

  11. Sanjay Kumar Verma 2 years ago

    Good evening sir please aap hame batayiye ki hum 2019 ka free online test of biomenters kaise de aap ki sabhi vidio lecture hamne dekhe hai per hum aapke bio ke test kaise de in 2019

  12. Niwedita kumari 2 years ago

    1 Living mechanical tissue of plant -collenchyma
    2 .collenchyma is found in hypodermis not found in root and monocot.
    3.gaurd cell is surrounded by subsidiary cell .
    3 clyptrogen ek cell ka wo layer hi jha se root cap originate hota hi .

  13. Bikram Singh 2 years ago

    Collenchyma not found in root and monocot
    Guard cell surrounded by subsidiary cell.
    Calyptrogen – layer of cells from which the root cap originates
    Living mechanical tissue of plant – collenchyma

  14. nikhil kumar 2 years ago

    Calyptrogen forms root cap in monocot

  15. nikhil kumar 2 years ago

    Subsidiary cells surround guard cell

  16. Rj raj 2 years ago

    Collenchyma….living mechanical tissue of plant…which can never be seen in monocot and dicot root

  17. Rj raj 2 years ago

    Subsidiay cells are the cells that covers guard cells

  18. Hello sir je your answers


    1. Parenchyma whose functions are both living mechanical support and storage of food

    2. Collenchyma are absent

    3. Root cap formation and 4rth histogen acc. To hanstein theory

    4. Companion cells are present around the guard cells of stomata.


    s.M. ( Dr. S.M.)

  19. Ikrama Sharfi 2 years ago


  20. kavita tak 2 years ago

    3subsidiary cell

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