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Live Classes New Schedule (Mon-Fri) Effective from 10th Oct: –

Railway ALP CBT-2:
6 AM – Mechanical by Ramveer Sir
7 AM – Electrician and Electronics by Ramveer Sir

Morning Shows:
8 AM – Current Affairs by Bhunesh Sir
8:45 AM – Vocab by Bhunesh Sir

UPSC Special:
9 AM – The Hindu Analysis by Manvendra Sir
8 PM – Daily Quiz by Manvendra Sir

RRB Group D Crash Course:
9:40 AM – Current Affairs by Bhunesh Sir
10 AM – Reasoning by Hitesh Sir
11 AM – Maths by Sahil Sir
12 PM – General Science by Shipra Ma’am

IBPS PO/Clerk Crash Course:
1 PM – Reasoning by Deepak Sir
2 PM – Maths by Sahil Sir
3 PM – English by Sanjeev Sir

Lab Assistant:
2 PM – General Science by Shipra Ma’am

UP Police Crash Course:
3 PM – GK by Sandeep Sir
3:30 PM – Hindi by Ganesh Sir
4 PM – Maths by Naman Sir
5 PM – Reasoning by Hitesh Sir

समस्त शिक्षक भर्ती परीक्षा हेतु:
4 PM – Psycology & Pedagogy by Rajendra Sir

Defence Special (CDS Crash Course):
5 PM – GK by Shipra Ma’am
6 PM – Maths by Naman Sir
7 PM – English by Harsh Sir

GK Special:
6 PM – Rajasthan Geopraphy by Rajendra Sir
7 PM – Bihar GK by Sandeep Sir
10:30 PM – Haryana GK by Sandeep Sir

SSC GD 2018:
8 PM – GK by Bhunesh Sir
8:30 PM – Hindi by Ganesh Sir
9 PM – Reasoning by Hitesh Sir
9:30 PM – Maths by Naman Sir

RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher 2018 Crash Course:
9:00 PM – English by Sanjeev Sir
9:00 PM – Philosophy by Dr. Pushpa Ma’am
10:00 PM – History by Praveen Sir
11:00 PM – Geography by Rajendra Sir
11:45 PM – Economics by Rajendra Sir
12:30 AM – Current Affairs by Bhunesh Sir

UPPSC Special:
10:00 PM – UP Current Affairs by Sandeep Sir

Technical Classes (SSC JE/GATE) Sat / Sun:
12:00 PM – Mech by Neeraj Sir
3:00 PM – Civil by Nikhil Sir
6:00 PM – EE/EC by Ashish Sir

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  1. Arindam Mondal 3 years ago

    Sir please 9 bje aajao
    Aap ke class ke bad bhubnesh sir ka class dekhna hota hai sir …plz 9 bje aa jna

  2. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Sir world arthritis day hai aaj 12 october

  3. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Lekin society mai sab log women ko hi galat smjhte h

  4. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Fatima bi

  5. Akash Sanghavi 3 years ago

    Indu malhotra

  6. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago


  7. Akash Sanghavi 3 years ago


  8. abhilasha 3 years ago

    Me too campaign – Harvey weinstein
    Mcq only 2.

  9. Tarun A kerketta 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  10. Sharma Gautam 3 years ago

    Thanku sir

  11. chandramohan meena 3 years ago

    B. Aeolus satellite is launched by ESA(European space agency). Primarily with the motive to study wind patterns across India and weather forecast.

  12. Nirmla Rawat 3 years ago

    super session sir g

  13. Nirmla Rawat 3 years ago

    ans B

  14. Sudha Das 3 years ago

    Thank you sir, great session…
    1 answer – Harvey Weinstein…
    2 answer – first woman SC judge Fatima Beevi….
    McQ answer – Only 2 correct, because aeolus survey satellite launched by ESA (European space agency)….
    Answer writing:-
    Cyclone is a weather phenomenon. Cyclone refers to many different types of Strom. It is a system of wind rotating inword to an area of low barometric pressure with an anticlockwise and clockwise circulation.
    BODY :
    The East coast India is again going to be hit by a cyclone –
    Cyclone Titli has been categories as a "very severa cyclone Strom". The high speed of Titli 126 kmph in Gopalpur odisha and 56 kmph in kalingapatanam Andhra Pradesh. However, high speed wind and rain serverely damaged the road network in both State and power supply to 4,319 village was disrupted. National Disaster Response Force and odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force positioned in vulnerable district.
    Bay of Bengal is more prone to cyclone in as compared to India's West coast :
    The Bay of Bengal is prone to cyclone because a lot of typhoon that originated in the south Western Pacific ocean get carried north west towards India. The Bay of Bengal is warmer than the Arabian sea, and thus more conductive to cyclone development.
    The cyclone classification :
    The cyclone are classified on the basis of the wind speed.
    The lowest official classification used in the north ocean is a depression, which has three minutes sustained wind speed of between 20-31 mph (31-49 km/h).
    Deep Depression :
    If the depression intensifies further then it will become a deep Depression which has speeded of between 32-38 mph (50-61 km/h).
    Cyclonic storms :
    If deep Depression develops Gale force winds speed of between 39-45 mph (62-88 km/h), it's called a cyclone Strom and the IMD assigns a name to it.
    Severe cyclonic storms :
    Severe cyclonic storms have Strom force wind speed of between 57-72 mph (89-177 km/h).
    Very severa cyclone Strom :
    Very severa cyclone Stroms have hurricane force winds of 73-102 mph (118-166 km/h).
    Externally severe cyclonic storms :
    Externally severe cyclonic storms have hurricane force winds of between 104-137 mph (166-221 km/h).
    Super cyclone Strom :
    The highest classification used in North India ocean is a super cyclone Strom, which have hurricane force winds of above 138 mph (222 km/h)…………
    Thank you sir….

  15. Shashi Gautam 3 years ago

    Nice session.. sir…
    You are the best…🙂🙂

  16. ashwini raut 3 years ago

    nice session sir….

  17. Rahul Sharma Rabada 3 years ago


  18. Khushboo Jaiswal 3 years ago

    Hollywood producer is Harvey Weinstein
    M.fathima beevi first woman judge of supreme Court she became first judge on 1989
    Ans 1 only 2 is correct
    Ans 2 cyclone title is about to make landfall in India today and cause mayhem . The east coast of India is quite frequently ravaged by the destruction of such cyclone. The preposition that east coast of India receive more such cyclone as compared to west coast. The reason for this that sea surface temperature and humidity both directly correlate with chances of cyclone formation the bay of Bengal is a more likely target because it gets higher rainfall and the sluggish winds around it keep temperature relatively high about 28 degree around the year. Warm air current enhance this surface temperature and aid the formation of cyclone the bay receive higher rainfall and constant inflow of fresh water from the gang and Brahmaputra River. This means that bay surface water keep getting refreshed making it impossible for the warm water to mix with the cooler water below making it ideal for a depression.onthe other hand the Arabian Sea receive stronger wind that helps dissipate the heat and lack of constant fresh water supply help the warm water mix with cool water reducing the temperature
    Tropical cyclone are officially ranked on one of five tropical cyclone. They are classified by the winds speed located around the circulation centre and accumulated cyclone energy,the power dissipation index, the integrated kinetic energy index and the hurricane severity index

  19. Sæñgêëtå 3 years ago

    MCQ – 2only

  20. Justice Indu Malhotra

  21. Uttarakumar Kashyap 3 years ago

    Bollywood se hi to wor Indian dekh kr barbad ho rhe hai

  22. Manohar M 3 years ago

    Hello sir ji…. Good evening to u🌸

    🔴 metoo campaign by Harvey Weinstein
    🔴 Supreme court women judge – FATIMA BEEVI

    Mcq (2) – Aeolus satellite is world first space mission to gather information on earth's wind

    Answer of the question:-
    Cyclone is form in sea when the temperature, pressure, etc. factor combine with heavily speedy wind then it leads to destructive cyclone.
    Cyclone name in indian ocean region is also known as typhoon, hurricane in North America region, wily willy in Australia region .
    India's east coast in which odisha and andhera pradesh hit by cyclone TITLI. earlier DAYE name cyclone hitted the odisha cost. Odisha govt assure that preparation is on waar level and no human death will happen. Helping hand by National disaster rescue force and odisha disaster rescue force.
    Bay of bengal is much actively to birth the cyclone as the wind speed and temperature, pressure in this region plays very critical role. Because of which we see these type of cyclone on regular basis in the rainy and winter season.
    Cyclone are classified as : –
    Cyclone are of 5 type I.e. TYPE 1 it has very low speed of wind, less destructive and don't effect the much to the people life where other side as the speed increase it create a serious destruction TYPE 2, TYPE 3, TYPE 4 and TYPE5. the most dangerous cyclone type is TYPE 5 in this the speed of wind is above than 260 kmph and doing lots of destruction to basic infrastructure, road, houses etc. causes death, affect very badly to life of animal also.
    Thank you sir jiii…
    🇮🇳🇮🇳 JAI HIND JAI BHARAT 🇮🇳🇮🇳
    Empower women empower country…

  23. Nihal Yadav 3 years ago

    Sir, thanks alot aapka padhaaya hua samajh aajata h puraa acche se

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