Friends, if you want to read a number of such funny questions which are tipped in large exams like UPSC, SSC, IPS, IAS Interview, then go to our website.
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  1. mubarak ali 3 years ago

    Hello sir how are you

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    Good morning sir

  4. Sir sendal

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  6. Ravindra Saini 3 years ago

    Jeans pahni hai

  7. Ravindra Saini 3 years ago

    Excellent questions thanks for Chanel thanks for true news

  8. Deepak Bhalekar 3 years ago

    Current che question ghet ja

  9. Good question

  10. EHTESHAM ANJUM 3 years ago

    Aisa question nahi poochha jata hai UPSC mein…..

  11. Rojddin Ansari 3 years ago

    Payal aur chappal

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  13. Sanjana Shaw 3 years ago


  14. Sanjana Shaw 3 years ago

    Masttt h sir😋😋😋

  15. Saurabh Shukla 3 years ago

    Kun se center pe punche gye the ye sawaal???
    Kaahe public ka chutiya kaat rahe ho….

  16. Razia Bibi 3 years ago

    her name is lata

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  19. Menika Singh Thakur 3 years ago

    Very nice video 👈👈👈👈👌👌👌

  20. J S 3 years ago

    साले गलत जानकारी देते हो ऐसे कोई सवाल नही पूंछे जाते….और लड़कियों से तो इस तरह का सवाल बिल्कुल नही पूंछा जाता….

  21. ahmed insha 3 years ago

    Aisa khain bhi nhi hai ki shoes removed krke jana hai?

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