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  1. Sachin Rana [IITB] 2 years ago

    Five most important tips are discussed for the upcoming JEE Advanced 2019 exam. Please make sure to Share this video with anyone who's giving the JEE Advanced on 27th May as it'll help them. All the best!

  2. ambrish kashyap 2 years ago

    Your video is really awesome. Thanks for sharing these important tips.

  3. Chanchal Vyas 2 years ago

    You are great !

  4. B Jashu 2 years ago

    doosra song mere saat hua jee mains me

  5. Lalit Yadav 2 years ago

    What should we do in between the exam break for two hours
    What should we eat at that time

  6. Saptarshi Rakshit 2 years ago

    The song tip probably happens to me all the time..the best kind of advice.

  7. nikko NIJL 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for these tips. Can you please tell how to tackle the 2 hrs. between paper 1 and 2

  8. AT Star 2 years ago

    You really live in pathetic conditions..

  9. Gaurang Gupta 2 years ago

    Very good tips

  10. Sudeshna Gupta 2 years ago

    Bhai ICAR Aieea ug k liye kuch tips?

  11. Nand lal Satyarthi 2 years ago

    Song waali baat bilkul sahi kahi

  12. ABIZ SHAH 2 years ago

    Thanks bhaiya we will achieve our dreams that is jee advanced

  13. Pranjal 009 2 years ago

    I have finally completed electrostats from, irodov, last year jee papers, krotov, and my coaching notes plus ncert.
    Is it sufficient for my class test in school?

  14. Physics is fun 2 years ago

    Bhaiaa only you understand…….I love you….thanks a lots infinite love….

  15. venkatesh gokul 2 years ago

    Which is the best laptop for computer science engineering students
    Pleas answer my question

  16. Monali C 2 years ago

    Please hear.
    Brother, I am a recent subscriber and I thank you for your help and support that you are extending to all students, this means a lot to us.

    I am in 11th and preparing for JEE.. Brother, today I have so many sources and supportive people like you which boost my confidence and motivate me to do better but my elder brother who wanted to clear JEE could not make it and this hurts me like hell. All his numbers of attempts are gone and in his times not many helpful platforms were there.. I have seen your video on IIT reality but brother JEE exam is compulsory even when one wants to go to research field (by going to IIST/IISER). I feel helpless, when other entrance exams give many attempts (like Neet) that any eligible candidate under 25 years of age can give the exam but JEE which is more important as it accounts for not just engineering in IIT but also other fields like I mentioned above gives only 3 attempts. How can I fight this and how to change this..

    Brother, people say try, try and try again then only you succeed but when opportunity to try itself is not given then what? Today there are many supportive ways that help to crack jee without having to go to Kota but just 3-4 years ago it was not like this. Is it possible to apply for a petition asking for increased number of attempts for jee? The aspirants will feel less pressure and chances to try will be more,so that any child with big dreams can actually make it come true. Please don't ignore this brother please suggest something.

  17. Gurudatt Giri 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for making this vedio

  18. ASHISH KUMAR 2 years ago

    2:38 After jee advanced Uske baad to chill hi Karna hai life mein

  19. Vasu Chaudhary 2 years ago

    Bhai physics p bhi kuch acche numericals lete raho please……

  20. Raj Kumar Bharti 2 years ago

    take sufficient sleep

  21. gopakumar mc 2 years ago

    You r rigth

  22. Gamescape 01 2 years ago

    Kal exam ha all the best sabko and gn 🐆🐆🙏

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