The best way to study at this point of time is to study through questions. In this video series, I’ll deal with the Expected Questions in Chemistry for JEE Main and NEET which will help you to prepare better for the exam.
Link for the notes:
Organic Chemistry Questions:


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  1. EduHub India 2 years ago

    hii how to prepare for olympiads

  2. Learner's IQ 2 years ago

    Nice video sachin ….

  3. Divyanshu gupta 2 years ago

    Chemical bonding aslo

  4. The best way to study at this point of time is to study through questions.
    Important Tips for JEE Main 2019:
    All the best!

  5. Arnab Chowhan 2 years ago

    why dod we not get H2Cr2O7 in Q7?

  6. awantika sankhwar 2 years ago

    U r doing a great work bhaiya…. But why don't you make videos for physics class 12th?

  7. Rohit Xarma 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot bhaiya

  8. Pankaj Saini 2 years ago

    Thanks so much 👍👍👍

  9. piyush sharma 2 years ago

    Bhaiya Is probability in ncert is enough for jee mains. Please reply………

  10. manju yadav 2 years ago

    Gr8 bhaiyaa …..btw why don't u show power of 115….do u not like maths 😰😰😰

  11. Sumana Mondal 2 years ago

    Bhaiya in Ques no 3
    First one is (MnO4)- from KMnO4
    You told the ans is 1.
    But in both the cases Mn has OS of +7
    So the ans should be zero ?
    Please guide me bhaiya.

  12. Veda Shandilya 2 years ago

    Very grateful that mentor like you is among us.simply phenomenal.looking forward for ur woow videos.😊

  13. Amit Kushwaha 2 years ago

    Bhaiya IIT BOMBAY ME electrical engineering ka cut off kitna tak approx pahuchta h

  14. Sooraj Padiyath 2 years ago

    Sir please add this types of physics video

  15. ardent mnf 2 years ago

    Thank you sir…

  16. payal khobragade 2 years ago

    bhaiya pls ase hi video physical chemistry ke leye bi bana do

  17. ABHINAY KUMAR 2 years ago

    oxidation no. of metal(Q:08) always same in any reaction(except oxidation, reduction) ?

  18. Divit Ajmera 2 years ago

    Ans of ques 2 could be (b) also since on settling the final product is Ag2S which is black

  19. munir ladakh 2 years ago

    Thanks sir, God bless U……..

  20. Piyush Raj 2 years ago

    In 10th question which is the correct ans: c or d
    Does valency has to remain for both the species….

  21. Grisha Tharwani 2 years ago

    sir in the 2 question why we'll take two moles of AGNO3 sir plz rply dont ignore my comment

  22. Grisha Tharwani 2 years ago

    sir in the 8 question i m not getting why there'll be -4 charge

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