Meaning of andrology,
Meaning of andrologist,
Meaning of andropathy,
Meaning of andriatry,
Meaning of andriatrics,
Meaning of andriatrist

Etymology improves your vocabulary. If you learn only the ROOT-WORDS, you can learn thousands of words regularly used. Do not try to learn them. Just read and let it absorb. repeat and Soon, your vocabulary will expand greatly. Etymology is the best method to increase your vocabulary.

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  1. Dear Sir 3 years ago


  2. Rajesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Dhanyavad…sir ji

  3. Aman Kumar 3 years ago

    Bhot good sir

  4. Rohita Bhue 3 years ago

    – Logy and – iatry suffix words sir not root words

  5. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    andrology should be one of the subject in primary schools so men can prevent themselves from the diseases.

  6. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    I think andrology will be more focused on mental illness rather than physical. Because nowadays I have seen People are more mentally upset who them react to an physical action..

  7. HARERAM PANDIT 3 years ago

    If anyone have any problem then you should have pathy

  8. HARERAM PANDIT 3 years ago

    You can do anything if you have a good logy about that particular subject.

  9. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    andrologist – doctor deals with ALL problems related to men

    andriatrist – doctor deals with ONE problem(reproductive system related ) related to men

    1. Maths way
    it can also be taken as andrologist is SUPRESET and andriatrist is an SUBSET

    2. English way
    26 letters make English alphabets so we say ALPHABETS and when taken one we say LETTER.
    Same way all problems to men doctor andrologist and when taken one andriatrist.

    3. Science way
    As science is derived from word `scientia` which means to know. Science further have different branches physics , chemistry , biology.
    Same way
    Science can consider as Andrologist
    Physics/Chemistry/biology ( any one ) can be consider as andriatrist

    If helpful like and comment 🙃

  10. Narayan Suthar 3 years ago

    Sir कुछ नया टॉपिक लाओ।
    आप बहुत अच्छा समझते हो।

  11. f Khan 3 years ago

    VDO exam k liye join karen hmari family EXAMPUR.. really guys best faculty hn yaha par…

  12. Tushar Patidar 3 years ago

    Sir antrope root and andro root me kya difference he

  13. Snehal Ambagade 3 years ago

    Andrologist -who treated the man related diseases
    Andriatrist-who treated the man reproductive Organ related diseases.
    Thanx for video sir…d best video to understand nd remember d etymology.👍

  14. honey kumar 3 years ago

    After several years of andrology and practicing in , he becomes andrologist.

  15. honey kumar 3 years ago

    doctor was finding out sumit's andropathy. After that doctor found out he was suffering from androiatry disease.

  16. Sourabh Mandwal 3 years ago

    Andrologist have more knowledge than Andriatrist.means Andrologist have knowledge of whole man's body but Andriatrist have knowledge of male reproductive organs only …

  17. Rahul Abhishek 3 years ago

    puneet sir.
    aaj meri job lag gai hey.
    Oracle company mey.
    mey es ka 90% credit apki videos ko dena chahata hu.
    and i know apki wajha sey jis mind set sey meri job lagi hey us us mindset sey office mey kaam bhi krta raha tho life mey aur bade kaam bhi jarur karunga.

    again thank you thank you for your videos learning..

  18. Pankaj yadav 3 years ago

    Love you sir

  19. Sir apki awaj achhi hai Apke vidio warren buffe wala goal setting ka tarika bahut achha vo vidio se mujhe fayda huaa hai. thanks

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