Meaning of androphile,
Meaning of philanderer,
Etymology of androphile in Hindi,
Etymology of philanderer in Hindi,

Etymology improves your vocabulary. If you learn only the ROOT-WORDS, you can learn thousands of words regularly used. Do not try to learn them. Just read and let it absorb. repeat and Soon, your vocabulary will expand greatly. Etymology is the best method to increase your vocabulary.

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Comments are closed.

  1. Rishabh Mehrotra 3 years ago

    Good morning sir

  2. VIVEK CAPTEN 3 years ago

    Nice sir

  3. Ravi Sharma 3 years ago

    Best vocabulary series of the world… 1,00,000 likes

  4. Raj Kumar 3 years ago


  5. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    Sir ABB Greek AAA gyi English key Lagta Kuch hai Nahi😂

  6. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    These hinduphobic Bollywood industry is always supported by INDIANS, as like SANJU movie . First it is hardly full Truth. Moreover THIS PHILANDERER Sanjay Dutt is inspiring YOUTH with philosophy of being PHILANDER . Thus it's obvious that India will not progress if these are our role models. These only want your money.
    Wow how intelligent they are isn't 😑

  7. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    PHILANDERER SANJU when said he have been with 350 ladies, ANUSKA smiled as if he had won nobel price in disproving EINSTEIN THEORY OF RELATIVITY.

  8. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    We must instead androphile to eminent personalities like SHivaji, kalam sir , chanakya pandit etc. which these BOLLYWOOD Never support .

  9. Madhav Anand 3 years ago

    Aides is androphile to human and cause DENGUE
    Protect yourself
    . These androphiles grow in clean water like cooler water..etc and it's eggs take 7 days to grow so don't keep water more than 7 days.
    . this androphiles looks exactly like shown in picture..

  10. Shree Anand 3 years ago

    Thank You Sir.
    I am feeling so much excited to make sentences after a long time.

  11. Shree Anand 3 years ago

    Androphile is a very complicated person.
    According to me a man should love woman and a woman should love man.

  12. ambuj mishra 3 years ago

    Good sir ….i was waiting for this…

  13. Shree Anand 3 years ago

    Some leeches are Androphile because they survive on human blood. When they starts sucking blood from the bodypart of human they release "hirudin"enzyme in the blood stream to prevent clotting and suck blood without hindrance.

  14. Shree Anand 3 years ago

    Today we can find philanderer very easily near our colonies and colleges .Sometimes we can also watch them by getting punishment
    With sandal of a girl. To whom they were disturbing.

  15. Nachiketa 3 years ago

    When I was of seventeen, our society's thinking make me think that androphiles are bad people.
    By twenty, I started to believe that they are not bad as we think, they are just different.
    And now, Supreme Court's judgement about IPC 377 has made my believing strong.
    Androphiles have played great role in history from Europe to far East Asia, in India's Vedic Yuga as well.
    It is a genetic mutation which is not in one's hand. Sometimes may some circumstances pushe someone towards it.
    They are not bad, may our view towards them make them bad….

  16. Nachiketa 3 years ago

    My friend Aniket is a good batsman. He was a respected person.
    But from last one year, he became a philanderer. He is not a respected person anymore.

  17. Ramesh Chand 3 years ago

    Sir aap please ssc cgl ke liye grammar start kar do please please please please Sir aap ka aabhari rahuga

  18. Shree Anand 3 years ago

    Hemesh Madan naam Ke you tuber Ke video par aapka naam likha hua "for the viewers of Puneet Bisaria "
    Sir kya aapne sach main koi video hume dekhno ko Kaha hai.

  19. SAWAN BHATT 3 years ago

    Rahul was an androphile for K kkkkkkkkk …..Kiran in the moovie DAR……..

  20. SAWAN BHATT 3 years ago

    To be phile of someone is a natural phenomena but….To be androphile ….u need to see doctor.

  21. SAWAN BHATT 3 years ago

    Today 1% lovestories are hardly found as Heer Rajha type….
    but there is flood of philanderers … love is defined as Dhokha now a days.

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