meaning of misomater
meaning of misomaterist
meaning of misopaterist
meaning of misopater
meaning of misopedia
meaning of misopedist

hi, I am puneet biseria…. Welcome to vocabulary made EASIEST, finally The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and lo, vocabulary made easiest.
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Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically the easiest and fastest way to learn English vocabulary, as well as remember the words you have learnt.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically a series of vocabulary videos that is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate and advanced level students.
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These videos also contain cat vocabulary word list given in the Barron’s List of Most frequently asked words in competitive exams.
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apart from this you will also learn several tricks to learn english vocabulary

if you follow this series vocabulary from the hindu newspaper will not haunt you. And you will master english vocabulary for all the competitive exams. You will learn english synonyms and antonyms for bank exams, improve vocabulary for bank exams, the hindu editorial vocabulary.

This series is an expansion of word power made easy by Norman Lewis.


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  1. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Why Students misos studies

  2. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    How If his/ her mother I'll be doing some wrong thing he feel misomater

  3. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    How If his/her father not pay attention towards their son's & he feels misopater

  4. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Why If a son is lazy or don't do Study, exercise he I'll be misopedia

  5. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Why some people misopedist towards children's

  6. Ritu Rawat 3 years ago

    1. Why a misomater is a misomater ?
    2. Is being misomater is related to sigmud theory of not fulfilling desire in childhood and showing misogyny in adulthood ?
    3.who is responsible for child being misomater?
    4. Although its is impossible to change shape of a pot once it is made but whether misomater can be changed to matrophilic ?
    5. Is misomater a misogynist too?

  7. Ritu Rawat 3 years ago

    1.Is it okay for a boy to be misopater ?
    2.I wonder, if friends of mine are afraid of their father or are they misopater ?
    3. Is being misopater related comparing yourself to another man at home ?
    4. Is misopatry common in each community ?
    5.Is it necessary if a son is misopatrist then father should be misopedist?

  8. Ritu Rawat 3 years ago

    1.Is a misopedist could ever bear a child ?
    2.Can someone become misopedist after bearing a child ?
    3. Is being misopedist is common in certain period of child development or is it something once developed can never be erased ?
    4.Is misopedia is a disease which is communicable ?
    5 .what if someone is misopedist but she is in intense pressure by her family of bearing a child and her husband is matrolater ?

  9. asifur rahaman 3 years ago

    Sir plz make a video on how to study essential English grammar,English grammar for dummies and practical English usage.i have bought these 3 books but confused about how to read it.plz reply sir.

  10. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    1)was karna become misomater when he knew the truth that he is the first child of kunti.

    2) why people become misomater

    3) if a teenager fall in love with someone and his/her mother trying to stop them at that time can a child become misomater?

    4) what should a mother do when she knows that her child is misomater

    5)true or false that the rich are more misomater than the middle class person.

  11. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    1) is misopater happen due to over strictness

    2) why people are more misopater than misomater

    3) it's true or not that a child become misopater when he/she has lots of desires but her/his father is not able to fullfill it.

    4) is a child became misopater when his/her father do another marriage

    5) is a child become misopater when his father take all decision of his life and career

  12. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    1) is misopedia happen because people are not able to handle a child

    2) is misopedia happen due to over population

    3) is misopedia cause of child abuse, rape, child sextual abuse etc

    4)what is the cause of misopedia

    5)is misopedia happen because raising a child is never before expensive is today

  13. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    1) asking too much questions by a child can make a person misopedist

    2) is a misopedist kill his/ her child

    3) how can we know that the person is misopedist

    4) is a person becomes misopedist when he has many children but he doesn't have money for themselves

    5) it's true or false that if a person is misopedist and he/she intercourse with someone they want to meet but they don't want a baby but unfortunately they get a baby so can they throw a baby in garbage it is the only reason that there is lots of orphans children in india

  14. Rsv Verma 3 years ago

    Sir apne Geeta for students ke video bnani thi. Ap pls ved and shastra ke basic diff ko smjane ke lye video bnaege. Isse hme spiritual person bnne ke rules smj ayenge

  15. Hardik bhavsar 3 years ago

    sir yeh konsi language ke word hai

  16. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    वाकई questions बनाना sentences बनाने से थोड़ा ज्यादा मुश्किल है, आज पता चला।
    लगता है पुनीत सर vocabulary सीखाने के साथ-साथ parallel में हमारा IQ भी 1-2 point बढ़वाने वाले हैं।

  17. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    1. Was Ganesh Gaitonde misomater/misomaterist in the series Sacred Games?
    2. Why did Faizal Khan a misomater/misomaterist turn into a matrophile after the scene "Baap ka dada ka bhai ka sabka badla lega re tera Faizal"?
    3. Can maternal deprivation be a cause to become a misomaterist?
    4. Why boys of Savdhan India/Crime Patrol are misomater sometimes?
    5. Is it okay for a kool girl to become a misomaterist when her all kith and keen always compare her to her mother?

  18. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    1. Is Bharat's hostility for Kekayi an example of misomatry?
    2. Why is misomatry common among those boys and girls who have step-mothers?
    3. Is it necessary for a child to follow misomatry suppose her widow mother would be married again?
    4. Is it okay for a son turned husband to follow misomatry due to the influence for her new wife?
    5. Can it be possible for the new wife(of Q.No. 4) to accede to the same misomatry from her brother and sister-in-laws side?

  19. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    1. Why was Ganesh Gaitonde not a misopater/misomaterist and had three fathers?
    2. Can the theory of Gaitonde's 3rd father, "Har putra apne pita se jalta hai" be a reason of overabundance of so many misopaters/misopaterists in the world?
    3. Is a misopater/misopaterist a loyal person?
    4. Why are misopaters/misopaterists kill their father just for property in Savdhan India or Crime Patrol?
    5. Should misopaters be abased when they are talking non-sense about their fathers?

  20. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    1. Can mummys be a reason of misopatry?
    (Kyuki wo papa ki image Amrish Puri wali bana deti hai)
    2. Can generation gap be a reason of misopatry?
    3. Why was misopatry waxed generation after generation in Mughal Empire?
    4. Why do wives love their husbands' misopatry (not of her brother's)?
    5. How can we curb misopatry in the world?

  21. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    1. Can smartphones be a reason for misopedia?
    2. Suppose a woman being widow gave poison to her 4 children and suddenly her maternal instinct awoke and she suddenly went to hospital for her children's treatment but unfortunately she could save only the 3 of her 4 children.
    Is she a misopedist?
    3. Why do parents become misopedists if their children want to marry with their own volition?
    4. If parents know that a particular boy is suitable for her girl, "suppose ladki ki jitni pocket-money hai, usse aadhi ladke ki income hai".
    Are they misopedists?
    5. By how much percent misopedia can be mitigated if we kill all Sharmaji and Sharmaji k launde?

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