meaning of matriphile patriphile philopater

hi, I am puneet biseria…. Welcome to vocabulary made EASIEST, finally The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and lo, vocabulary made easiest.
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Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically the easiest and fastest way to learn English vocabulary, as well as remember the words you have learnt.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically a series of vocabulary videos that is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate and advanced level students.
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if you follow this series vocabulary from the hindu newspaper will not haunt you. And you will master english vocabulary for all the competitive exams. You will learn english synonyms and antonyms for bank exams, improve vocabulary for bank exams, the hindu editorial vocabulary.

This series is an expansion of word power made easy by Norman Lewis.


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  1. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    As a businessman i can say that the time is gone when most of the people are philopatry now this tendency is finished in most of the people because of the money they don't want to stay in a particular area because they don't get enough money there.
    This is the only reason that Indians are successful in all over the world but india is not.

  2. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    Birds are philopatry they come to a particular area for breed.

  3. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    I was phile with some girl's but later I realized that it was my imagination not reality now I love my family, punnet biseria sir vedios, I I'll phile towards my development, money, skills, knowledge, health, good food , Grooming, carrer & that things which make me help to grow

  4. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    My brother is matrophile towards mother because she save him when my dad scold him

  5. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    I'll be patrophile towards my dad because they don't give me a high Vale or iPhone ,they don't give me a car but they give me a fees of my education,( b.a ,bjmc, buissness in certificate & some other education) & this make my self to boy to men & I ll be fighting for my dream & a good Career & life

  6. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    I'll be philopatry towards my,city Delhi but I also come Bhopal once a day to meet you sir

  7. XYZZ 8767 3 years ago

    Sir please make a video on how to prepare for GRE. Thank you 🙂

  8. satyender prasad 3 years ago

    Matrophile is loves his mother more then his father, in my view there are more matriphile then the patriphile.

  9. satyender prasad 3 years ago

    In student life , many students are matriphile because mother care more then father.

  10. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    While growing up I wanted to get such a job which is in my home town that's why I didn't prepare for IIT after 12th where most of my classmates did. But because there was no job in my family I had to apply for the Navy and I was selected in all stages. 3 months later was my joining at Chilka, Odisa where they rejected me in final medical. I was out of INS Chilka asking myself how to go home and tell them I have lost govt job but on the other hand my patrolatric soul was happy. I thought then and yet I think that it is not necessary to be in force to be a patriot.

  11. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    In my childhood I was a matriphile but after my father's demise I became a patriphile.

  12. Sunny Ranjan 3 years ago

    Be matrophile or patrophile but first of all love urself beacuse when you love your self then you will love others.

  13. Sunny Ranjan 3 years ago

    Many of student do not go out for study due to philopatry.

  14. Devendra Kulhari 3 years ago

    In the immortal words of Munsi Premchand " every child is matriphile no matter how much his father loves him. Mother, to children,is Dal Roti and father Mohanbhog.Nothing lost when couldn't get Mohanbhog for months but without Dal Roti not a single day is possible.

  15. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Parents: Are you a matrophile or a patrophile?
    Dude: I'm just an egophile.

  16. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Parents often confuse a child by asking him/her a question whether he was a matriphile or a patriphile.
    (This is the worst question for a child)

  17. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Student: Students often use heavy words in their speech like "I'm a matriphile and India is my mother"

  18. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    As an artful businessman, he knows that patrophile is more beneficial than matrophile because his father is all and all in the family

  19. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    If one wants to experience the patriphile just go for a long drive with your father and just listen what he says.
    Sometimes, he will tell his stories (by exaggerating it a little), but you'll love it.

  20. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Professional: For a soldier, matrophile is nothing in comparison to patriotism

  21. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Matrophile always enhances the efficiency of mother but unfortunately we can't express it.
    (Ye "Kabhi khushi kabhi gum" waale hmkk paagal banate hai, itna overreacting karne par mummy yahi sochegi, ladka jarur kisi prakar ka nasha kar k aaya hai)

  22. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Puneet Sir has philopatry for Bhopal because
    "Hmaare M.P. ki sadke Amrika se jyada achhi hain"
    ~Mama Shivraj Singh Chouhan Sahab

    (Really sir, your M.P. is very beautiful state. Some of my friends gone to Indore for Railway exams. praised and told me that their villages are better than our towns and towns are very less polluted)

  23. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    I think that we all are philopatric in nature.
    (जननी-जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गात् अपि गरीयसी)

  24. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Even girmitya labourers are very philopatric. They and their successors often come to India in search of their origins and feel nostalgia

  25. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Nostalgia is a byproduct of philopatry

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