meaning of maternalism,
maternal wall,
maternal property,
maternal insult,
maternal language

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  1. mukesh kumawat 3 years ago

    Theory is not correct ,both are equal, we start a system choose responsibility and now act according this and think this is universal truth but its not……………..and capability of baby birth is also part of this system,… think about third gender……..we follow the system this is a choice……

  2. NIRBHAY KUMAR 3 years ago

    aaj kal aap bas aishe hi ….

  3. Ashok Sheokand 3 years ago

    Sir ji koi bhi chiz shikhne ka sahi tarika kya hota hai
    Plz sir ek video jarur banana

  4. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    After Critically Examining the Maternal Senstivity And Maternal Bonding it Is Right Said that For Some Tasks like Home Making, Child Developing there is no Alternate of Women,
    BUT, Limiting Women in Barrier so That She is Unable To Perform Outside Her Comfort Zone Is More Evil Than its Goodness in My Opinion.

  5. Nitesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir u r doing a great job and will u plz make a video on curing PIMPLES as ur voice is very much sharp and pleasant to me!!!

  6. Nitesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir ur voice generates a thunder in my body…..

  7. jitesh chaudhary 3 years ago

    According to me ye theory galat Hai q ki Maine kitabo Mai esa padha Hai k practice k sath aap apne brain ki wiring ko badal sakte Matlab koi bhi kisi bhi kaam Mai practice k sath accha ho sakta Hai is lie Mai is theory se disagree karta hu

  8. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    Due To Fear of Maternal
    Wall Many Couples Agree
    for DINKS Concept, i.e.
    Double Income No Kids.
    They Fear that Having kids
    Will Breakdown Their
    Career Growth.

  9. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    The feeling of security, love and Care are maternal property of mine.

  10. Harsh Verma 3 years ago

    People of low morale starts talking with maternal insult without understanding the status of others.

  11. Syokat Ali 3 years ago

    I think this theory by two mindsets.
    One is as family class and 2nd is activities.
    By one we see it happens by situation we can't control rather than we eager want to change it.
    Like in low class maternalism is followed and it should be followed. In middle class this is a complicated theory and in upper class maternalism goes with parallelism.
    By 2nd
    In primary activities maternalism is right because of why woman can do everything but on physical level I have to think about it. In secondary activities same as middle class families. In 3rd , 4th and 5th activities I think we should have to left our mindset about maternalism. We have to give them choice not chance. Because it is proven that women are more efficient in upper activities work.
    What I think
    As a businessman
    I will favor woman rather than man or by 50/50 rule.
    As a homemaker
    I have to think about it. But I think I will go with open mind not with culture in that environment.
    As a student
    I think we should go with open mind rather than maternalism.
    Thank you so much Sir

  12. Aliya Sarosh 3 years ago

    Wao!!! This vedio is a must watch forthose indians who are obsessed with English.

  13. This theory is right

  14. Sheela Sahu 3 years ago

    Sir etymology ke chapters private kyo kr rakhe hein. Public kr do mujhe dekhna h.

    Thank you

  15. Sr muje aap the best lge ab tk humans me
    Thanks you very much
    Sr muje life me aap se milnA he aap se bat krna chahunga
    Sr muje reply jarur krna
    Very much nice person
    Aapka Target kya he
    Min's AAP Kya krna chahoge life me??

  16. Antryami Singh 3 years ago

    Maternalism theory is correct because as good a women can take care of the newborn as good a man can' is special quality of women.

  17. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Theory of maternalism is true because they don't waste their time to improve weak part if they focus on that things which are they good they can perfect on that

  18. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Some mnc company follow maternal wall for their benefit

  19. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    A girl beauty is divine from her maternal property

  20. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    Some college student are try to maternal insult to show their background

  21. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    As a student my maternal language is hindi and i am really thankful to the whole society because they taught me otherwise I am never explain my thoughts in that way.

  22. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    Maternal insult is for those people who are illiterate.

  23. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    As a homemaker maternal property become the cause of family fight because the time is gone when we never think about maternal property but now only property is important doesn't matter where it's come from.

  24. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    As a businessman maternal wall is all right for both of us it's good for business and for lady too.

  25. Amit sharma 3 years ago

    My maternal language is Hindi

  26. Priya Gupta 3 years ago

    In my opinion maternalism is correct because if you see the nature of this universe then you realise that the only feminine have that kind of power which brings another life but now due to financial burden women's also do work and they are doing it well but the problem create only for the child who doesn't find anyone to talk and due to this he lose his way and that's why most of the crime happen i am not saying that women's don't go outside for work all i am saying it if it's really necessary then go but if you are doing it just because it's trending now then you need to think about it that why did you get married it's not a small thing that the new life start from you and now you are saying it's boring to hold a house.

  27. Rahul Nikhare 3 years ago

    every body well know their maternal language…

  28. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Materialism: I think it has both pros and cons.

    ●It is feasible because only female can give birth to a new creature and
    ●Only females has maternal instinct as well as maternal sensitivity.
    ●Less physically stronger than man so can't be a better fighter than man.
    ●More mentally stronger than man so can take care of each and every person with love.
    ●a funny one- To hate 'materialism' completely is a bread and butter for some fake fameinists.

    ●This is the reason why the condition of the women is so tyrannical throughout the world.
    ●This leads to patriarchal society in which we are exploiting woman too much.
    ●Limiting women at home is equal to neglecting approax. 50% of the work force.
    ●Now-a-days, females have proved that they are as good as man in any fields. For example in battlefield they are as effective as man because in this era a soldier has not to carry heavy swords or bows and arrows, they have lighter weapons.
    ●Matlab bnaya to tha prakriti ne, ki ye ye kaam purush tu kar, aur ye ye kaam madam aap karo, lekin ladies itni pichhad gyi hai. Shayad hum purusho k karan ki ab "materialism" ko side me rakh unko har field me upar uthana jaruri ho gya hai.

    (Hahaha, balanced approach, kyuki mujhe sawal bada subjective laga. Aur uttar to hume aaj v pta nhi tha)

  29. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    Materialism is the cancer for the society. All men are dogs.
    ~koi feminist bahanji

  30. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    I oppose the maternal wall policy of the companies because pregnancy is the law of nature.

    (But, The same person "I" would support it if I were a head of the company kyuki Kahna aasan hai, karna mushkil aur Dale Carnegie ki aapke dwara batayi kitan padhne k baad to "khud ko dusro ki jagah rakhkar v sochna padta hai haha)

  31. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    As a sons-in-law he loves the concept of receiving maternal property but as a son he hates he hates the concept of distributing maternal property.
    (मैं समझ नहीं पाया Property= गुण या संपत्ति, मैंने "संपत्ति" समझ के sentence बना दिया)

  32. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    I hate those people who use maternal insults in their conversation but like Anurag Kashyap Sahab's movie

  33. Ankush Kumar 3 years ago

    My maternal language is hindi

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