Here are some things that you might have not known are in 3ds Max CAT.
3ds Max CAT is an animation system inside 3ds Max software. If you want to learn more about CAT you should watch more of my videos. I have tutorials for many different topics like rigging, skinning, how to make animation, walk cycle, run cycle, etc …

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  1. Efen Huang 2 years ago

    Thank you~~~~~~

  2. KaB 2 years ago

    I approve this kinda of format, even though you've already mentionned some of these things in other videos 🙂

  3. Kim Hyun 2 years ago

    can you make a video about how to animate this kind of javeline rotation @ 0.07 -> :
    i'm a beginner and little bit familiar with contraints on weapons but unable to find some way to do that…:(

  4. GoodDay 2 years ago

    So is cat built into max like biped? How is it better?

  5. REE ANIMATION 2 years ago

    Great video as always!!!

  6. Rob Rau 2 years ago

    Thanks for making these videos! I'm trying to learn about animation in 3DS Max, and the information you've been providing is very helpful.

  7. Ayaz Mahmood 2 years ago

    Very nice thanks

  8. Draqen 2 years ago

    <3 Awesome as always. Thank you for all of these. I didn't know there was a pose saver, very handy!

  9. MultiBRETTER 2 years ago

    Nice video again!
    1. Digit manager I knew and now I'm proud I know a little sth about max 😀
    The other points teach me alot. Again. Thx! Great mentor!

  10. IcloneFun 2 years ago

    Iam going to start back studying Max as I love CAT. Thank you!❤️

  11. Marc E 2 years ago

    Thanks man!

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