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  1. Vishal Parihar 3 years ago

    Thanks to everyone, I regret for not broadcasting the show Live, we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Till then, we will provide you the recorded version.
    Download the PDF

  2. Sunita Singhmar 3 years ago

    Offline me bhi mast padhate h

  3. Divesh Sahu 3 years ago

    De facto….. De facto Rahul couldn't do that work
    Turn down…. Rahul turned down to give money of mohan
    Purport….He always purports that he drives the whole day
    Consensus…. In the end the commety consensus to do that work
    Ink… Ms dhony inked with dreem11.
    Assent…. Villagers should assent to enter women in the temple
    Repository….. Rbi is the repository body of indian banks
    Pomp……. Donald trump turned down to participate in republic day pomp

  4. anubhav bhati 3 years ago

    height 182 m

  5. Lijo George 3 years ago

    Would you please take the class in English

  6. Deepak Kaushik 3 years ago

    Apple company give their assent to big deal with india and their head ink on contract paper

  7. deenu dayna 3 years ago

    Narmada 600 ft. 185 miter

  8. BRAJESH MEHTA 3 years ago

    mahatma gandhi

  9. BRAJESH MEHTA 3 years ago

    182 m and sprig teempal

  10. Prabhat Kumar Pal 3 years ago

    We are with you

  11. swati singh 3 years ago

    Incubate- Incubation is needed in forming curd.Dearth – After the flood in kerela there was dearth of food.Hiatus – There is Hiatus in hearing of ram mandir case in – The little boy kindled after getting many gifts on his birthday. Ink – India and China inked MoU for defense equipment.Repository – Central institute of Statistics is a repository of government data.

  12. Ankit Roliyan 3 years ago

    After a bit #hiatus, he #Patented his new code and rose to #prominence (eminent) on the fastest algorithm #hitherto.

    His imaginations were #kindle by getting proposal from her crush. This was the opportunity he would #embrace. So he gave his #assent eagerly.

  13. NIKHIL PUNEKAR 3 years ago

    Pomp- Every Program ended with Pomp speech.

  14. NIKHIL PUNEKAR 3 years ago

    India has ink with Russia for import goods.

  15. Rocky Singh 3 years ago

    Yes, i thoroughly understand

  16. vikash chandra 3 years ago

    Sir I need your help plzz

  17. ritu arora 3 years ago

    Our political leaders Show by repository that they are working consensusly at pomps but they defecto purport only

  18. trupti khobragade 3 years ago

    Very nice 👌

  19. Abhay Parmar 3 years ago

    embrace – I embraced Buddhism.
    patent – Patent on use of solar energy was registered by India.
    dearth- IF you want to clear the exam you must find out dearth in your preparation.
    cater- we have not cater like you have.

    turn down – I turn down for tour.
    prominence- he should prominence himself in his life.
    consensus- the committee reached on decision with consensus.

  20. pravin bante 3 years ago

    sardar vallabhbai patel 600 m=feet

  21. ELITE ELINA 3 years ago

    U r The Best….TEACHER…Hmme Apki Lat Lag gyi h😜✌

  22. Avijit Panda 3 years ago

    #dearth – the dearth of food in African countries is very high.
    #prominence– prominence of Hyderabad created a controversial problem in 1948 regarding to create a independent state.
    #cater – the cater of state government is not satisfied by the central government.
    #hiatus – many developemental work is hiatus in India by local politicians.
    #kindle – citizens of India are Kindle about 31 Oct because of statue of unity.
    #de_facto – now the country is revolves around blaming UPA n NDA but de facto is the problem lies with in us.
    #turn_down – president Donald Trump turn down India's proposal to be chief guest on republic day parade.
    #purport – Pakistan always purported as a friend of India.
    #consensus – according to the consensus between India and russia ; Russia will provide defense help to India.
    #pomp – indian weddings are only pomp reputation.

  23. NIDHI RAI 3 years ago

    In our country there are many people who are very talented but they did not Patent their innovations due to Dearth of information..So government should provide Incubations to all the people living in remote areas so that they can become Prominence. Defacto without Hiatus they will be kindled and with Consensus of their family members they will be Pomped and society instead of Purport will assent to cater them without any Turn down.

  24. Raj Deep 3 years ago

    विश्व की सबसे ऊंची प्रतिमा स्टैच्यू ऑफ यूनिटी (भारत)182 मीटर का लोकार्पण

    स्थान : सरदार सरोवर बांध, केवड़िया गाँव, नर्मदा , गुजरात ।

    * स्प्रिंग टेम्पल बुद्धा (चीन) 153 मीटर।

    *लेक्यून सेटक्यार ( म्यांमार ) 116 मीटर।

  25. prayag kumar 3 years ago

    Sir how can I download PDF?

  26. Akshay Pal 3 years ago

    Sir we are always with u….

  27. Aman Kumar Singh 3 years ago

    बहुत अच्छा पढ़ाते हैं सर् आप।

  28. Aman Kumar Singh 3 years ago

    You are an intellectual in real sense.
    You are unbiased.
    Salute you Sir.

  29. Aman Kumar Singh 3 years ago

    Pen कौन सी है सर्?

  30. kiran kumari 3 years ago

    Statue of liberty ki hight kitni h

  31. samsad ansari 3 years ago

    By the women of BARDAOLI, At the BARDAOLI Satyagraha he was give the title of "Sardaar"

  32. Satya Mahalik 3 years ago

    yes sir with u

  33. Narmada tiwari 3 years ago

    Impudence: I can't tolerate your impudence anymore.
    Dogged:My ambition and dogged determination ensured that i rosed to the top of my profession.
    Stubborn:I am very stubborn by nature.
    obstinate: her obstinate refusal to compromise.

  34. Narmada tiwari 3 years ago

    Vehement: Vehement protest was seen on the very first day of sabarimala temple's opening since the supreme court's decision.
    Innate: The attitude is innate in most human beings.
    Inherited: The inherited economy was recovering very quickly.
    Upfront: I am very upfront about my feeling.

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