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  1. Vishal Parihar 3 years ago

    Thanks to everyone, make sentences with using the vocabulary words.
    Download the PDF

  2. jagriti vishwakarma 3 years ago

    STIGMATISE- Opposition party should not stigmatise government on the issue of RAFALE DEAL.

  3. raining season,every roads has sludge so u walks carefully India, sanitation situation stigmatise
    3.scavenger provide the cleans Street to do his job
    4. Society do not provide egalitarian to girl but law provide egalitarian
    5.people transit gruesome crisis at amritsar
    6. Finally, exam conducts in decisive time
    7. I am teeter rohit and suraj who is saying true
    8. India does resilience to make charbhar port
    9..Pakistan faces untenable situationed by India
    10.faecal is fritter away
    11. The performance of study dials down
    12.I carries through the English homework which given by English guru

  4. abani naik 3 years ago

    I am reading articles from several days.Really government is not doing anything.everyday the editors are writing against the government.I think politics is also involved among writers.they have much propensity towards other parties.

  5. annu rai 3 years ago

    Sludge , faecal, septage… …… With the help of septage we should clean all sludge and faecal surrounding our residence.

  6. Sona N 3 years ago

    Sludge- There were piles of sludge thrown across highway.
    Septage- One septic tank is for seen connecting to waste water pump station.
    Stigmatise- People should not be stigmatised on basis of their caste.
    Scavenger- Scavenger should not be treated in bad manner.
    Sanitation- Sanitation facility is a must to everyone.
    Egalitarian – The party promised the people before election that their principles will be egalitarian.
    Transit- Goods are in transit.
    Decisive- You need to be more decisive.
    Resilience – Crops are resilience to any climatic conditions.
    Bulge – His bag was bulging with gifts.
    Dive- Flood affected people are in dive need of help.
    Replication- He used to replicate dressing sense of his brother.
    Hinterland – There were lack of facilities in the hinterland.

  7. Niten Moktan 3 years ago

    come around-They came around with my ideas.
    stand on -i stand on
    dial down-i have dialed down the use of making grammatical errors because of this daily editorial.

  8. Niten Moktan 3 years ago

    carry through-i have carried through the work.

  9. faizan khan 3 years ago

    Many scavenger in India face more difficulties

  10. faizan khan 3 years ago

    His judgement always deceive

  11. faizan khan 3 years ago

    The price of mentha oil sudden bulge

  12. faizan khan 3 years ago

    It is dire condition every one confused to take right decision

  13. faizan khan 3 years ago

    Many villages in India in hinter land .

  14. Mix Punjabi 3 years ago

    Sludge-Mire Mud Muck

  15. piyush patidar 3 years ago

    sir aap volabulary bhut speed se padate ho please thoda dhire explain kijiye. we don't understand the vocab properly.

  16. Rohit kasodhan 3 years ago

    Dowry is a stigma for Indian society.There is a need of proper sanitation system to manage faecal septage. But it needs time of death of jaylalita there was need of by-election.goverment should make sure faecal septage at hinterlands.i believe in egalitarian policy.this is decisive movement for India in final mach against Pakistan.ram was in teetering what to order last Monday.there is requirement of synergy to solved sanitation related problem.incase of conflict with shyam ram come around with me.ram fritter away his time. You should carry thruogh carry thruogh your saylubus.

  17. vicky singta 3 years ago

    sir i first time saw your video and i like it

  18. Shubham Tiwari 3 years ago

    Synergy- We all can become what we want to, just by having synergy among us.

  19. nagendra mishra 3 years ago

    Simply we want to say say you sir,
    Thank you from bottem of our heart🙏

  20. POONAM GAIKWAD 3 years ago

    Sir my comments nahi dekhi

  21. Alok Kumar 3 years ago

    Stand on- observe carefully- we should analyse ST stand on.
    Fritter away – waste,misuse- we didn't fritter away our freedom.
    Carry through- complete, fulfill- we should carry through all the criteria of government exam.
    Dial down – reduce,lessen- we should dial down discrimination.
    Come around-agree with, give way to- I m come around with sc verdict about sabrimala temple.
    Scavenger- a person who employed to clean street

  22. yogesh joshi 3 years ago

    We wants your synergy

  23. Motivation thoughts 3 years ago

    Yes I got it.

  24. Nidhi Yadav 3 years ago

    hello sir m also from up

  25. Narmada tiwari 3 years ago

    Septage= as we all know that septage and other waste material contain in or removed from septic tank
    Stigmatise=Renowned hindustani musician =Annapurna Devi= passed away recently . she said that people should not be stigmatise on the basis of race.
    Untenable= the lawyers untenable arguments in the court failed to save her client. and then suchitra durai=appointed=next ambassador of india=to Thailand(bangkok=bhat)

  26. Pranay Fating 3 years ago

    The scavenger employed for throwing out the mud and faecal from society but some people stigmatising the the society by storing wastage this is dire problem today we need synergy and flexibility to do not bulge in quantity of faecal

  27. AMAZING DEOGHAR 3 years ago


  28. Narmada tiwari 3 years ago

    egalitarian= our democracy has given egalitarian right to all the people so that great britain won 8th sultan of johor cup 2018=defeating =india =venue johor bahru, malaysia(taman daya hockey stadium)pm of malaysia= mahathir mohamad.
    Transit=PM Narendramodi asked srilankan counterpart whether road transit is cheaper than rail and then mou=india+srilanka=Aim =for construction of 1200 houses in srilanka.
    Decisive=shekhar mande is the decisive human being is appointed as the DG of council of scientific and industrial research( CSIR=1942=NEW DELHI=PRESIDENT = narendramodi.
    Teeter=since 1947 malaysia was very teeter about death punishment, finally malaysia has decided to abolish the death penalty .
    Resilience=5th dental surgeons conference was held in new delhi because as we all know that resilience is the best quality of human being.
    Bulge=When(NASSCOM) National Association of software and service company changed their marketing strategies, a bulge in the profit was increased( 1988=HQ= Noida ,up=chairman=rishad premji= president =debjani ghosh).
    Dire=In a village a boy was lived, his childhood was passed in dire poverty due to his father's criminal activity that's why international court of justice was formed =1945=hq=the gague , netherland =mc=193.
    Strait=when in our country there was no any facilitty of post office then many people were in the strait,then a idea of established universal postal union, came into force =1874=hq =bern , switzerland, that's why we celebrate world post office day=9 october.
    Synergy: there should be synergy between all nations in the globe.
    replication: the second project was not designed as an exact replication of the first one.
    Hinterland: In india there is many hinterland where there is not provided even pour water.

  29. DNo channel 3 years ago

    Yr wats is the use of article on english ?? How dp we use it

  30. Shubhi Gupta 3 years ago

    Phrasal verbs sentences
    ..1.. The citizens came around with the norms of the cental government..
    2. . The money given by the government for swatccha bharat mission is frittered away by some officers…
    3..The students stand on with the project given to them..
    4.. The sbi has dialed down its per day limit of cash withdrawal from ATMs..
    5.. We should carry through the dream of Mahatma Gandhi to make India a clean and green place .

  31. Shalini Singh 3 years ago

    Sludge— Most area of the Delhi is surrounded by sludge.
    Faecal— The people those are living in villages suffered by faecal disease.
    Septage— many poor people work for the cleaning of septage tank.
    Stigmatize— Being a terrorist is a stigma for any country.
    Untenable— Gov feel untenable without common people support for swacch bharat abhiyan.
    Scavenger—- We should respect our scavengers who cleans our country.
    Sanitation— Our society is now concern about the sanitation.
    Egalitarian— In India we all are egalitarian.
    Transit— bad time will transit shortly, we should keep patience.
    Decisive— This case is decisive.
    Teeter— we sometimes feel teeter for choosing the career path.
    Resilience— Ajeet is resilience with respect to the working shifts.
    Bulge—It was unexpected bulge in the collection of customers payments.
    Dire— It was dire condition to control in Kashmir.
    Strait— In villages people will face strait gaining knowledge in modern agriculture techniques.
    Synergy— this is the duty of educated people to spread synergy among all uneducated peoples.
    Hinterland— An IAS officer of our country belongs to hinterland.
    Replication— Indians are good in replication.

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