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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. Snehal Khot 3 years ago

    Thank you sir

  3. Surendra Nikhade 3 years ago

    U r great sir…. thank you..

  4. Aman Pal 3 years ago

    Good afternoon sir…
    Vocabulary ans is
    1.Teeter – बच्चो का झूला
    2.Bluge – उभड़ना
    3.Misogynist – स्त्री जाति से द्वेष करने वाला
    4.peddlers -विक्रेताओं
    5.Zealot – कटटरपंथी
    Thankyou sir…

  5. abhishek singh 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  6. Souvik Palit 3 years ago

    Sir may India ka pura River System or ussey sammandit jankari janna chahatahu

  7. Arunav Roy 3 years ago

    1.conventional arms

  8. shivangi sharma 3 years ago

    The National Development Council (NDC) or Rashtriya Vikas Parishad

    -: it is the apex body for decision creating and deliberations on development matters in India

    -to secure cooperation of the states in the execution of the planto strengthen and mobilize the effort and resources of the nation in support of the Planto promote common economic policies in all vital spheres andto ensure the balanced and rapid development of all parts of the country

    The 57th meeting of NDC

    Held on 27 December 2012


    *presided over by the Prime Minister of India and
    includes all 
    *union ministers ,
    *cms of all the states and *Administrators of Uts and *Members of the NITI aayog .*members of state with independent charge are also invited

    to prescribe guidelines for the formulation of the national plan including the assessment of resources for the Plan;

    to consider the National Plan as formulated by the niti aayog

    ;to make an assessment of the resources that are required for implementing the Plan and to suggest measures for augmenting the important questions of social and economic policy affecting national development;

    andto review the working of the Plan from time to time and to recommend such measures as are necessary for achieving the aims and targets set out in the National Plan.

    To recommend measures for achievement of the aims and targets set out in the national Plan.

    (note)-NDC(national development council) has been proposed to be abolished. But till date no resolution has been passed to abolish it.

  9. Sonali Sahu 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  10. Shagun Jaiswal 3 years ago

    Sir, your voice is so good… N… You explain very well.. 😄

  11. Amol Waghmode 3 years ago

    I like lecture sir

  12. MANISH BISHNOI 3 years ago

    India to reduce the Emissions Intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 Per Cent by 2030 from 2005 Level

    NDC GOALS: The INDC proposals are on the following:


    a.   Sustainable Lifestyles

    b.    Cleaner Economic Development

    c.  Reduce Emission intensity of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    d.Increase the Share of Non Fossil Fuel Based Electricity

    e.             Enhancing Carbon Sink (Forests)

    f. Adaptation

    g. Mobilizing Finance

    h. Technology Transfer and Capacity Building

    Expectations from Paris


    1)  A balanced agreement with all components mitigation, adaptation, technology, finance and capacity building consistent with the principles and provisions of the Convention;

    2)   New, additional and predictable finances from developed and developing countries for mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer and capacity building;

    3    Provision of technology development, transfer and diffusion;

    4)    Paris Agreement must incorporate loss and damage and make operational Warsaw International Mechanism.

  13. study with sonu 3 years ago

    Nice sir

  14. MOHD HUSSAIN 3 years ago

    Thank you Prashant sir……
    Sir aap Jo research Karne k liye Jo b topics deya Hain ya phir denge sir research mein kya chezz hum dehan mein rakhne k zarurat hote ha…. Matlab kaise karain sir kin chezoon ka ikk particular topic mein dekhne k zarurat Hoti haa… please thoda izzz k bara mein bataye gaa……

  15. Sakshi Singh 3 years ago

    but sir how can we consult our confusions, if we face any one?

  16. Ashok Kumar 3 years ago

    1 Teeter = डगमगाना
    2 Bluge = फूलना
    3 Misogynist =महिलाओं से घृणा करने वाला
    4 peddlers = फेरीवाला
    5 Zealot = अति उत्साही
    Thank you sir

  17. ridhi jain 3 years ago

    Do we need to note dwn ???

  18. sukanya behera 3 years ago

    thnks a lot sir..

  19. ashay nigam 3 years ago

    I've been following your videos since 5 months & they've proved very fruitful to me.
    I have one suggestion. If you can just give a quick recap of the previous lecture in the present lecture that would help a lot to learn for longer time. Example: on 26 october video, you can give a 5 minute recap of 25 october video. Then your videos will be different from others who are uploading the hindu analysis.

  20. Somesh Sonar 3 years ago

    Teeter – Imbalance situation of mind.
    Bulge – Hollow fulfilness.
    Misogynist – Infamous.
    Peddlers – Hawkers, walkers.
    Zealot – Excitement.

    National Development Council
    It is an apex body in for decision making and deliberations on development of India.
    It was formed on 6th August 1952.
    Its first meeting was held on 8-9 November 1952 and last was held on 27 December 2012 at Vidhan Bhavan.
    National Development Council is comprises Prime Minister, Union Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers of all states, Representatives of all union territories and the member of NITI Aayog.

    To secure the cooperation of States for execution of plans.
    To strengthen and mobilize the effort and resources of the nation in support of plan.
    To promote common economic policies in all vital spheres.
    To ensure the balanced and rapid development of all parts of Country.

    To make an assessment of the resources that are requires for implementation of plans and to suggest measures for augmenting the important questions of social and economic policy affecting national development.

    A- Conventional Arms and Dual Used Goods

    Thank You

  21. Tanmay Das 3 years ago

    Editorial k bahar baki news v analys kijiye

  22. shikha rai 3 years ago

    Sir can u plz explain abou this whole matter of essar steel goin on..what exactly d issue is…m unable to understand it…plz speak fr 20 or 30 seconds what is dis whole matter

  23. Abhishek Das 3 years ago

    Sir few days before one article is there "The invisible helping hand", i just want to write one article on it for school megazine.. Please give me suggestion how can i write this?? Just give the topics..

  24. Amarjeet Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir how can we form a right frame this topic like peris climate change as gd topic

  25. Amarjeet Kumar 3 years ago

    Please I hope you will reply soon

  26. Mukul Sharma 3 years ago

    u r saying that u r researching on inequality….where do you read about it ?

  27. Manoj Ravankar 3 years ago

    Not possible to reduce temperature..out of control now..

  28. pavan ading 3 years ago

    Teeter – appear to be about to fall while moving or standingलड़खड़ाना
    Bulge – increment
    Misogynist – woman-hater, anti-feminist
    Peddler – a person who travelled to different places to sell small goods, usually by going from house to house.
    Zealot – a person who has very strong opinions about something, and tries to make other people have them too

    ANSWER A) 1-2 ONLY

  29. Surbhi Prakriti 3 years ago

    1. Teeter = (verb) move or balance unsteadily.
    Ex:- It is a big challenge for the Indian government to teeter between Carbon Emission reduction and Economic growth of India.

    2. Bulge = a rounded swelling which distorts an otherwise flat surface (noun), swell or protrude to an incongruous extent (verb).
    Ex:- Bulge in the prisons of India is a major concern for the Indian Government.

    3. Misogynist = (noun + adjective) a person who dislikes, despises or is strongly prejudiced against women, relating to or characteristic of a misogynist.
    Ex:- Misogynist attitude act as a termite for a healthy society.

    4. Peddlers = (noun) a person who sells illegal drugs or stolen goods.
    Ex:- Peddlers of tax scams have been popping up everywhere.

    5. Zealot = (noun) a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideas, fanatic, enthusiast, extremist.
    Ex:- I always act calmly during talks with a religious zealot.

    NDC's of India:-
    1. National Development Council was established in August 1952.
    2. Chief Ministers of all states are its members. Apart from this, all Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers/administrators of all Union Territories are also a member of the NDC.
    3. The ex-officio Chairman of the National Development Council is the Prime Minister of India. Prime Minister chairs all the executive meetings of the National Development Council.
    4. The draft of any five-year plan is made by the Planning Commission (now by the NITI Aayog), while the final approval is given on the recommendation of the National Development Council. But now the recent NDA govt. has stopped formation of five-year plan.
    (a) Issuing guidelines for making national plans.
    (b) Estimate requirement of resources and suggestions for the implementation of the National Plan.
    (c) To evaluate the economic and social policies affecting national development.
    4. The meeting of the National Development Council should be held at least 2 times a year.

    2. A) 1 and 2 Only

  30. prity kumbhar 3 years ago

    Sir… Paris agreement pe to kya explained kiya aapne… 🙏🙏🙏Aapne jo aaj explained kiya maine uske notes banaye… Main ke liye bahot hi imp.. Hai.. Aaj to mere bhi bahot sare doubts clear ho gaye… Thank you sir….

  31. prity kumbhar 3 years ago

    Hello sir…आपने आम्सटरडॅम कि बात एक्दम सही कही… जुलै मैं मेरे husband आम्सटरडॅम मैं हुए ironman का हिस्सा रेह चुके हैं… उन्होने बताया कीं वहा पर सायकलिंग की कितनी creaz हैं लोंगो मैं… सायकलिंग के road भी बहोत बढिया और शानदार हैं… वहा से आणे के बाद वों हर रोझ सायकल पे हि ऑफिस जाते है… Thank you sir… आज का lecture bahot हीं बढीया हुआ.. 🙏👍

  32. Zareena Now 3 years ago

    Sir requesting you to post in english also…plsss

  33. Hardik 3 3 years ago

    Thanks sirji

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