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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. shivangi sharma 3 years ago

    international solar alliance.-

    alliance of 121 countries
    initiated by India
    -most countries on this alliance lies between the tropic of cancer and tropic of capricon

    objective – work for efficient exploitation of solar energy
    reduce dependence on fossil fuels

    initiative proposed by pm Modi in nov.2015 at wembley stadium during India-Africa summit

    -hq: gwal pahari ,gurugram,haryana,India
    head: H.E Upendra tripathy

  3. Monalisa D 3 years ago

    You are great Sir! Your explanation really help us..

  4. odisha lifestyle 3 years ago

    thank you so much sir

  5. Prem Patil 3 years ago

    Mavni Ji ap k bahut se video Dekhe hai Maine…. Extra lagta hai, lekin hai nhi, apki information bahut achi hoti hai, video b bahut ache hote hai…..

  6. Jyoti Prakash 3 years ago

    Good morning sir…..

  7. Shreya Singh 3 years ago

    Sir, Ur way is very relevant…I m a new comer & ur analysis used 2 widen my understanding…Just ignore them👃👃👃

  8. Prem Patil 3 years ago

    Koe extra baten nhi hoti hai…

  9. The international solar alliance –
    is an alliance of more than 121 countries initiated by INDIA
    Bring together a group of nations to endorse clean energy, sustainable environment, public transport and climate.
    ⏺ HEADQUARTERS – gurugram haryana india
    ⏺HEAD – H.e. upendra tripathy
    ⏺REGION SERVED – countries between the "TROPIC OF CANCER" and 'CARPRICORN'.

  10. SUNITA SINGH 3 years ago

    Sir you are doing a great job and your lactures are very useful and giving us a great knowledge about every field
    Thankyou sir for teaching all this in a very simple way

  11. john hembrom 3 years ago

    Yes, I am beginner too.. Aapka wichar sabo ko lekar chale accha laga.. Plz keep it up. Thanks for explaining in easy to comprehend way. Thank you Sir!

  12. Santosh Mandal 3 years ago

    I felt that today's analysis of the Hindu was more interesting.


  14. Darshan Trivedi 3 years ago

    Sir no map based questions these days??
    Please continue that practice

  15. Hilal Bhat 3 years ago

    Sir I don't have access to the Hindu but having someone so helpful fills the gap with gold… Thanks

  16. guddu jadhav 3 years ago

    sir u r doing good

  17. Imdad Laskar 3 years ago

    Because of the lack of the innovation and investment in R&D in our institutions oftenly students from the apex institution move to foreign soil.

  18. suhaib aalam 3 years ago

    People always finds better but never gets from govt

  19. Tapan Sarkar 3 years ago

    GD morning sir

  20. anuj mishra 3 years ago

    Very nice sir ji

  21. sachin pacherwal 3 years ago

    Its realted to. CBI

  22. samrat deshmukh 3 years ago

    भोदडीके इतनी घटिया तरीके से समझा रहा है तेरे से अच्छा तो वो ललनटोप वाला है।30 minutes बर्बाद कर दिए।

  23. Juhi Verma[J.V] 3 years ago

    Good morning sir 🙏 😊
    Murky- dark and unpleasant or dirty
    Incontestable- indisputable, incontrovertible
    Pique- irritation, resentment
    Whammy- a event with a powerful and unpleasant effect.
    Tailspin- declination, drop off

  24. Nitish Dahiya 3 years ago

    Gud Mrng sir ji…
    Thnx for the analysis ND ur continuity of DNA.
    M completely agree with your method ND explanation… It makes article so easy to read…
    My day start with ur DNA

  25. Youth Point DMSri 3 years ago

    Mere sir mere khayal se 40 mins ka video hona chahjiye jisse full news for exams like upsc n state pcs may be covered. Thanku sir

  26. Navratan Sharma 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  27. Shakshi Misra 3 years ago

    Bhut khoob sir aacche se samjh mai aata h

  28. vaibhav kumar 3 years ago

    International Solar Alliance was first proposed by Indian PM at climate change summit along with France at Paris. It was then formally launched at Marrakesh (Africa) and was signed by 121 parties in nov 2016.


    -the primary objective is to efficiently exploitation of solar energy

    -promoting R&D in the field of solar energy field

    -evolving an innovative financial mechanism that reduces the cost of capital

    -promotion of the widespread use of solar energy along with technological advancement

    Members –

    Currently, it has 121 member nations most of them lying between the tropic of cancer and Capricorn. Other nations are also allowed to become a member state but with no voting power. A special mention here is UN as it is not a member that often.

    India role –

    -ISA is a brainchild of Indian PM

    -ISA headquarter is situated at gurugram India

    -India gave a corpus of 100 crores

    -as per Indian commitment of generating 175 Gw renewable energy 100 Gw is expected to be produced by solar energy

    If successful India can take initiate for other reusable energy options like wind and biogas. By this India will fulfill its rising energy requirements and will be placed in an influential position for geopolitics

  29. Madhu Pandey 3 years ago

    U r ryttt Sir… I'm fresher and like me many other students….. It's very useful that u explained properly… We Don't know many things that u tell…. Thanks for improve this… Very very thanku

  30. Vaishali Pundir 3 years ago

    Sir aap bht ache se concept clear krwate ho …bht achi bt bta dete ho ..lctre me

  31. Raju Bhai 3 years ago

    Sir word meaning bhi btaya kro exam point of view se

  32. saini g 3 years ago

    Dear sr aap jo kr rhe h , plz krte rhiye , kyoki logo ko khna h kuchh bolna ,
    Hum log aapse bhut kuchh sikh rhe h

  33. Twinkle KUMARI 3 years ago

    Founded at Paris, France in the fields of renewable energy
    Pupose-bring together a group of nations to endorse clean energy sustainable environment, public transport and climate
    Headquarters -gwal pahari, gurugram, haryana

  34. khushbu sojitra 3 years ago

    range of student …appreciate it, carry on sir

  35. Shraddha Mishra 3 years ago

    Sir aap describe bahut accha karte hain background knowledge and basic knowledge ….Dono ka combination bhut he accha hai I liked it so much …. Thanks so much ….tons of thanks…. Your …Explanation is very good…..

  36. Varsha Patil 3 years ago

    Thank you so much sir 😊 have a very nice day 😊😊🌷🌷

  37. NITIN WANKHADE 3 years ago

    Sir I strongly agree with you..

  38. Blue Moon 3 years ago

    Sociology aspirant upsc 2019….any one may join to this group…9800127998….

  39. Aryan Verma 3 years ago

    Sir आप बहुत बढिया पढाते हँ कुछ भि बदलाओ
    कऱने की जररुरत नही है।। 👍👍

  40. Viju Mogali 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  41. Suraj Shinde 3 years ago

    sir extraa kuch nahi rahta…ye baki selfish longo ka kam hai… iq pe sabse jada aapka vedio dekhne ka man karata hai….

  42. Sohail Attar 3 years ago

    -International solar alliance
    Founded at: Parice, France
    Headquarters: Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, Haryan, India
    The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an alliance of more than 121 countries initiated 
    -Geography ke context main
    The area of Earth located in between the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn is called the tropical (torrid) zone. The points on the Tropic of Cancer are the northernmost points up to which the Sun can pass directly overhead. Similarly, the southernmost points are on the Tropic of Capricorn which follow the same criteria. Location at the north of the Tropic of Cancer shows the Sun appearing at the south of the zenith.The sunniest countries of the world are on the African continent, ranging from Somalia- Horn of Africa-, east to Niger, west and north to Egypt
    -Budget (2016-17)
    US$47 million
    Bring together a group of nations to endorse clean energy, sustainable environment, public transport and climate
    "This initiative was first proposed by Indian PM Narendra modi in a speech in November 2015 at

  43. vijay patel 3 years ago

    Sir. You are doing great job in terms of every perspective . so please don't cut the video as usual continued. Thank you.

  44. Arun Shinde 3 years ago

    You r best sir🙏🙏🙏

  45. Keshav Rawani 3 years ago

    Sir वाकई आप बहुत ही अच्छे से बताते हैं thanks

  46. Aman Pal 3 years ago

    Good morning sir
    Vocabulary ans is
    1.Murky – बदली का
    2.incontestable – निर्विवाद
    3.Pique – मनमुटाव
    4.whammy – मार झेल
    5.Tailspin – अनिंयत्रिर्ट गिरावट
    Thankyou sir…

  47. Priyanka Gautam 3 years ago

    Sir aap ke pdhne ka tarika bhot achha hai
    Aap puri news ko ekdam asan kr ke batate hai
    Isase hame bhot madat milti hai
    You are great sir & thank you so much sir.

  48. roshani sirswal 3 years ago

    Thank you sir as you elaborate every topic and clear our doubts

  49. roshani sirswal 3 years ago

    Your encouragement is very energetic sir

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