We unearthed thousands of Free Press photo negatives and one sports writer’s score book to tell the tale of baseball’s greats. “Bless you, boys.”
Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press

Gibby’s home run for the ages against the Goose. The 35-5 start, unmatched in baseball annals. Morris’ nationally televised no-hitter. Bergman’s 13-pitch battle – “going to war,” his teammates called it – before his walk-off homer against the Blue Jays. Bless you boys.

Memories of the 1984 Detroit Tigers, even 35 years after they won the World Series, bring so much joy to so many Michiganders. I like to think that I did a bit part to help those memories. How? Wait until you hear the inside story of the Free Press’ famous photo of Gibby’s dramatic homer.

However, and I hesitate to admit it even decades later, I rooted for the Royals to beat the Tigers in the American League playoffs. (I did switch allegiances while in the…